Ajan Lolat (Eva), 27 years old. Individual research program participant at the Institute "Kundawell".

cerebral palsy.

The interview was recorded on October 25, 2016 at the Beijing Medical Research Kundawell Institute. Interviewed by Sergey Rubanenko, a specialist at the Kundawell Institute.

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Sergey: Hello Eva (Ajana). We are happy to see you in Kundawell. We have some questions. Could you please tell us about your disease and about your way dealing with that disease and how did you know about Kundawell?

Eva: Mhm. My disease is Cerebral palsy, I am dealing with this 25-27 years, with this difficult disease I was born. And I tried western medicine. It was like only fine, it was trainings, massages, rehabilitation centers, and I also got one operation for more possibilities for walking, so it was not so bad, I got some opportunities to walk using the wall and also using crutches. That was it. After that that’s it what we could reach by this way and then we just stopped. Just training walking and that’s it. I wanted more, so I looked for other opportunities, and found out about Zhong Yuan Qigong, and then the yoga trainings if this is the right way to say. It helped me too. And then found out about Image Medicine (Chinese Image Medicine). It helped me a lot. And then I found out about Kundawell. So I came here. And I am very happy.

Sergey: We are happy too. So the main point was that another ways of treatments didn’t give you, like, more chances for improvement, right? Like, that is why you wanted to find something which can help you more, and, so, that is why you found such methods like Image Medicine (Chinese Image Medicine) and Zhong Yuan Qigong.

Eva: Yeah. Actually, the thing, the truth, it was like; western medicine gave me this card for a very long time, 2006 I guess, something like that. And for me it was like, you know, a decision, that it’s over, so I just like, you know, sat on the coach, and my hands started to be painful, I wasn’t able to write anymore, not left or right to write a word. So I was just like nothing else to do. Walking became painful too and then I met a guy who was very good in Image Medicine (Chinese Image Medicine).

Sergey: Image Therapist

Eva: Let’s say so. And he told me to practice Zhong Yuan Qigong. And in this way I found out that it can help me a bit and we didn’t expect that it helps so much and now I am much more free to move, no more pain, I can sleep and so on. So step by step it was better and better and better.

Sergey: So improvements, after you started to practice such methods, and get such treatments, like Image Medicine (Chinese Image Medicine) treatments and methods of Zhong Yuan Qigong, you can say you’ve got big improvements for yourself and you can say that quality of your life became higher, better.

Eva: Much higher than I have expected. The doctors also. They are checking my documents again; they just cannot believe that it’s me and my documents. It’s totally separate things. Because, if someone would ask me ‘what’s your problem now?’- I am not so sure I can say Cerebral Palsy, because I don’t feel that Palsy, like, anymore, totally free in movements, I don’t feel any pain, it’s not so tough, and soft. And the problem now is just that I need more time to practice walking and to find out how to move in small movements and so on, but it’s not like I am sick. It’s not that case anymore and that’s totally changed.

Sergey: Ok. That treatment which you got in Kundawell, it was...How it was for you here? It was difficult or comfortable or can you please tell us a little bit about this experience and about your feelings of being here.

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Eva: Well, I knew that, hhhm, you know, changing its not an easy way. So like Image therapy is helping me more than 2 years already. I know there are like really hard days where I am totally in pain crying and I don’t want it anymore and so on. And you know there are like really perfect days, the better, okey; I can take it some more. So here it was totally the same. Oh it’s so good it’s so good, so interesting! And then I got a lot of pain like Oi! So it’s just give up for few days. But basically I am just very happy that I came, because I am very sure that most probably, I would say, about one year of practicing alone at home with one or two Image therapists’ maybe. There was a whole team supporting me all the time each day so I am very sure that I am going to walk much faster after this.

Sergey: Great. Did you get here only Image Medicine Treatment (Chinese Image Medicine) or also another kind of treatments?

Eva: That’s the question. There was like massages, acupuncture, Image Therapy (Chinese Image Medicine) and the Master helped me so, the whole team.

Sergey: Yeah, we know that. We know about you that you are very active and interesting, creative person, and we think that you are on the right way because you are doing in life a lot of good things and we know about your organization, so by our opinion, people who actively doing something, and create something good, they are really going to live a long and happy life. This is like our vision in Kundawell, and can you tell us a little about your organization, about things, about your activities? Like what are you doing with this stuff?

Eva: Actually a lot of I should be thankful to Image Therapy (Chinese Image Medicine). Because you know, we checked some photos of me like few years before and like the question- Is it you? Was a surprise to me, like, yes that’s me. And they felt like my body was so changed and not only body, you are smiling now. So I started to smile and I changed a lot of people in my life, I changed the topic of my life and the things I am doing, so. Now I have a charity foundation, its very beautiful, for helping others you know, usually I become like this when I start to speak about my charity foundation. Ok. Charity foundation right? It’s for people to find out that they can smile you know, doesn’t matter how tough it is, and Image Therapy for me I guess is the same. And that’s it.

Sergey: Ok. We will give some information about your charity organization under this video.

Eva: Thanks.

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Sergey: And some links, and beautiful logo which you did for your organization, so if people are interested in it so they can follow and check, this is very nice and good idea ,so we respect you for your activity. So thank you for coming.

Eva: Thank you, you are welcome.

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Translated by Elvina

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