Oksana, Stavropol (Russian Federation).
Participant of the individual research program of the Kundawell Institute.

Diagnosis: Severe headaches...

The interview was recorded on April 28, 2016. Interviewed by Elvina, an employee of the Kundawell Institute.

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Elvina: Hello. My name is Elvina. And today we have a guest, the participant of individual research program conducted by the Kundawell Institute. What is your name and where did you come from?

Oksana: My name is Oksana. I came to Kundawell from Stavropol city.

Elvina: Oksana, could you please tell us ,how did you know about Kundawell Institute?

Oksana: Doctors found that I have chronic headaches, migraines, and they could not help me. And I found it through my friend who came here. She came to heal her son. Her son had an accident and he could not recognize his mother at all. When I heard it, that he was here and it helped, I decided to apply to "Kundawell" to get help.

The first time I came here, I absolutely did not believe in it. But then, when I saw all the results in my body, how I felt, I decided to continue the healing, and support myself.

Elvina: Is this your first time in Kundawell?

Oksana: It’s not the first time I come to Kundawell. Kundawell is home for me.

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Elvina: And what are your results after the research program?

Oksana: I went through the examination. Doctors said that generally after the treatment everything became much better. I had a brain MRI. Doctors said that the vessels became much better, better permeability. And generally, everything became much better. Got rid of a psoriasis which constantly poured out on the hands. Also got rid of an allergy. When everyone suffers from the summer allergy, I feel great. I have nothing of it left. I stopped having a cold. Immunity strengthened. Generally got rid of many problems.

Elvina: Please tell us about your first visit and your feelings.

Oksana: When I have arrived here for the very first time, I was examined by Xu Mingtang. And in the future I began to visit Flura Gaisarovna. When I come to Flura Gaisarovna, and she starts to treat, I have a feeling of complete relaxation, full of lightness. You just completely relax. You are already sleeping without noticing it.

Elvina: What are your further plans after the recovery at the Kundawell Institute?

Oksana: When I come home, I do not plan on finishing it, I will continue to do what Xu Mingtang taught me, and what Kundawell taught me in general. How to relax. Meditation.

Everything, that I have learned here. I will also continue to monitor my health at home. Nutrition. I am waiting for a complete recovery. And I hope that everything will be fine.

Elvina: We are glad for your success, we are welcome you back again.

Translated by Elvina

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Oksana, Stavropol (Russian Federation).Participant of the individual research program of the Kundawell Institute.Diagnosis: Severe headaches...The interview was recorded on April...
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