A letter to the Kundawell Institute to Master Xu Mintang.

«Dear Master Xu Mingtang!

Hereby we would like to thank you for accepting our daughter on the individualized research program, thank you from our hearts for your precious treatment sessions and all the kind attention we have received from you and all Kundawell employees we met during our stay in July this year.

The previous year and half was difficult for us as our 5 year old daughter has developed several health problems, which were despite various treatments recurring in stronger form with new symptoms appearing. Next to nearly monthly bronchitis and pneumonias with practically continuous antibiotic treatment, she had episodes of strong meningeal headaches, recurrent joint pain, suspected vasculitis connected with pain and cramps behind the knees and from May as well an unexplained returning strong abdominal pain connected with vomiting and facial/neck movements preliminary dg. as focal dystony with hospitalisation and a brain MRI planned for this autumn. The doctors were assuming some undetected pathogen, or immunological problem, however despite many tests and examinations, no cause was identified. Our child previously full of energy was nearly continuously tired, white in the face with dark circles under the eyes.

After the collapse of the middle left lung lobe in May, followed by hospitalisation and subsequent pneumonia with antibiotic intravenous treatment, we have seen that the classical approach is not improving her state. As we had experienced that the image therapy sessions taken during the year in Slovakia with Zuzka helped in many ways, we were so happy to be accepted in Kundawell, where Petra got prescribed 3 image medicine sessions daily.

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On the first treatment of the Master she fell asleep and slept heavily for the following 6 hours. And she passed sleeping as well all the second day sessions. Even if on the second day she had still some abdominal problems, it was much milder and since then this problem just disappeared. And from the third day in Kundawell we had back our child as she was, active and full of energy, with colour back in her face and her appetite returned. We have seen how her breathing was improving very fast, so we could stop all the medication and the facial movements becoming less strong...

Our stay turned into great holidays.

Now we are for the second month at home and Petra continues to be full of energy and could restart the pre-school after this long break. Eventhough the inflammation with slight fevers returned few times, it keeps located in the larynx and we manage to handle it without strong medications, also with the help of image therapist Zuzana in Slovakia. To our gladness the lungs keep clear and all other issues mostly disappeared.

Thank you very much Master that you do offer this generous help and thank you for this great institution you are managing. Big thanks also to Tatiana to have taken care of Petra and all our family, to Yang Guang and Ildar for their pleasant image therapy sessions and to Elvina, Sergey and Aleksei to make our stay so comfortable.»

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A letter to the Kundawell Institute to Master Xu Mintang.«Dear Master Xu Mingtang!Hereby we would like to thank you for...
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