In the beginning of June 2009 in Beijing was hold the All-Chinese Conference “Special methods of treatment in Chinese Traditional Medicine”. The organizer of the conference and the chief of the branch of special and new methods of treatment – professor Hе has asked Kundawell Institute specialists to participate in this conference.
i konf 20090702 01Professor Hе himself has experienced the methods diagnostic and treatment in Chinese Image Medicine at Kundawell Institute. Thanks to his invitation, at this conference took part such specialists as the general director of Kundawell Institute Li Deming, the assistant of the general director Andrea Vlchkova, Xu Mingxun and the students of the institute Igor Glazunov and Galina Goldshtain.
i konf 20090702 03At the conference, there were present the leading specialists of PRC in the field of special and new methods of treatment. A lot was told about the need to promote and disseminate these methods of treatment in the modern world. The participants of the conference were sharing their experience and discussing the results of their work.
i konf 20090702 02Kundawell institute was represented by the general director Li Deming’s report.
i konf 20090702 04The specialists of Kundawell Institute were given 1,5 hours to demonstrate the methods of Chinese Image Medicine and to provide the diagnostics for those wishing to. There appeared much more wishing people, than Galina and Igor were able to make diagnostic to, because the lack of the time.
i konf 20090702 07The participants of the conference were watching the work of the Kundawell specialists with great interest, many of them were making video-shots. For most of the participants of the conference the actions of our specialists were not understandable, but the results of the diagnostic had surprised everybody and in the first place the patients themselves.
i konf 20090702 08The patients were asked to tell about their senses. Both patients were touched by the accuracy of the diagnostic.

Galina’s patient said that he is 50 years old, and he has more than 36 years’ experience in TCM, but he had never met anybody in his life, who was able to make such accurate diagnostic for him. Igor’s patient said that she had been making surveys in different clinics during long time to learn about all her problems, and here she managed to do the same at once, and managed to find out the reasons of her problems.
i konf 20090702 06Many of the participants of the conference got interested in methods of Chinese Image Medicine and the possibility to study in Kundawell Institute. And Kundawell Institute specialists managed to meet TCM doctors, having a great experience in treatment of the diseases, which are in the researching process in Kundawell.

We asked Igor and Galina to share their feelings:
i konf 20090702 05Igor: “At this conference for me it was very interesting to learn, that most doctors uses herbs during treatment. Master Xu Mingtang recently has told us, that in future, while studying at Kundawell Institute, more attention will be paid to herbs exactly. I have seen doctors’ and healers’ great interest in Chinese Image Medicine. My diagnostic had deeply impressed the patient. She said, that she is ready to tell everybody about this method. Once again, it is proved that methods of Chinese Image Medicine are very efficient.”

Galina: “I had visited many different conferences before, but here I could feel true medicine atmosphere. Doctors form different countries were speaking to each other in common language – the language of medicine. Communicating with the doctors, I felt that Chinese Image Medicine is the method of the future. Because the doctor must treat and heal with the help of image.”

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