Dear Master Xu Mingtang!

A year ago (November 2016) I brought my son Igor Antonov from Belgorod to Kundawell for treatment. Igor has an inherited genetic disease – muscular dystrophy (Becker form). Igor took treatment in Kundawell for one month. Both of us participated in daily Zhong Yuan Qigong practice.

First of all I want to express my deep and huge gratitude to you, Master, for treating my son, for the warm welcome in Kundawell Institute, for all the care we received here and for the warmth of your heart! I also express my gratitude to all your staff for their sensitive attitude, kindness towards the patients and well-coordinated work! All of your employees are doing their best to help people! There is an individual approach to every patient and a true wish to see people becoming healthy. During all my stay I felt moral support and care here. The work of your Institute is built in a way people feel comfortable here and think of nothing else except becoming healthy. We were surrounded by your care from the first minutes in China. It was transfer from and to airport, the tasty food, the home-like environment, very attractive excursions during weekends, and many more.

Igor Olesya7

I would like to share our results of treatment. When Igor came to Institute, he was very weak. He was physically exhausted, he lacked strength, and he became tired very quickly even after very simple physical activities, for example, walking or climbing the stairs (conquering even one staircase was difficult for him). Even more, he was falling down very often. His heart was also weak, his cardiogram and blood tests were bad, and he had a very strong scoliosis. This was the cause why his back, shoulder blades and chest were deformed, and he felt cold almost all the time. His emotional state was down.

Igor Olesya8
Positive dynamics showed during the treatments already. He felt stronger, started to do the physical exercises together with Olga Smirnova, and every day he could do a little bit more. He started to feel warmth in his body, his appetite improved, and due to all of this his emotions improved as well. A hope appeared for him to have a normal, regular life. When we were returning home, Igor said he had not felt so strong and healthy for a very long time.

The most interesting started after we came back. Igor was practicing Zhong Yuan Qigong every day, he was doing the Big Tree exercise for four months daily. He became stronger and more energetic every day, the length of his practice reached 30-45 minutes. His posture changed visibly. After 4 months Igor went to a massage session and the masseur could not believe her eyes – Igor’s spine was completely straight, there was no deformation.

Currently Igor continues to practice ZYQ and takes care of his health. He has passed 3 levels of ZYQ, attended a Retreat with you, Master, and 2 Retreats with Alexandra Letiagina.

What is more, the trip to Kundawell and meeting you, Master, has changed my whole life. I started to practice regularly with my friends, and as for today I have passed 4 levels of ZYQ, have participated in two Retreats with you, an Image Medicine seminar with you and another one with Olga Smirnova.

Igor Olesya5
Igor Olesya4
In the beginning I was treating only my children and relatives, and later other people also started to ask for help. So now I have opened my own cabinet and am healing patients. Many of them have already passed Level 1 of ZYQ.

Igor Olesya2
My husband was so inspired by your results that he also started to practice ZYQ and went to your Retreat in Gorachy Kliuch. 

Igor Olesya 10I have understood that it is very important to raise one’s qualification and increase knowledge in IM, so in December 2016 I will go to Kundawell for Image Medicine Intensive Course.

All in all I want to say that meeting you has brought true happiness to us! My son’s health has improved and we have a real hope for him to get well. The quality of our lives has improved in every single aspect!

Igor Olesya6Thank you so much, Master, for everything you do for all the people! I wish you health, and all the best! Thank you to all your staff. And thank you to your Personal Student Alexandra Letiagina for inspiring us to go to you, and also for her help and support!

With love and gratitude – Olesia and Igor Antonov, and all the qigong practitioners of Master Xu Mingtang school from Belgorod!

November 21, 2016


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