A reference from Kundawell guests participating in individual research program.
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Text on photography:

“Friends, we have fantastic news! Yesterday we did ultrasonic for the last time (while the fontanelle is still open, later on only MRI). It showed that right now Vanya does not have hydrocephalus. That means, the volume of all brain ventricles is in norm. We don’t know why this happened: is it because of the work of Chinese (Kundawell institute) or the shunt suddenly started to work so well. However, the fact is that ultrasonic did not find any hydrocephalus. That means there will be no additional liquid pressing the brain and causing deformations, development disorders and vision disorders. It will be much easier for Vanya to develop!

Also kidneys ultrasonic was done. The last one, let me remind you, showed kidney development disorder. Now no disorder was found. This is wonderful!
For all of this I am grateful to you, my friends!!! Thank you!

Me and Vanya, we hope to go to Kundawell once more.
Vanya happy to hear the good news :)”

(Screenshot from social network Vkontakte)
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