Crohn's disease

Ms. Mary Bush
Crohn2Ms Mary, a graceful and kind lady, smiles to say goodbye to us. She will go back to US. Ms Mary is a consultant, mainly provides the investment consultation for people. She is also a member of many renowned investment companies' board of directors. This is the second time for her to take health preserving in Beijing Institute “Kundawell”. She had known Professor Xu Mingtang and accepted his treatment once in US. After that, she felt very well. That's why she came to Beijing twice for further treatment. Now she feels better, not only relaxed without pain but also young and full of energy.

This January is her first time to “Kundawell” to take health preserving. When she came back to US, her friends were very surprised. Mary looked so young. “Did you get a surgery operation?” her friends asked. “Of course not.” What she took here is the traditional Chinese medicine health preserving and recuperation. The Chinese medicine to solve people's health problem is recuperating the internal, treating the fundamental. There is a classical saying in Chinese medicine. The internal will perform through appearance. When you look very young and beautiful, you have got the internal health.
Ms. Mary was very weak before. She mainly suffered those problems. The first one was the digestive system, her stomach was very sensitive and easy to have diarrhea, she should be very careful to the food, neither too hot nor too cold. She needed special food. The second one was the circulatory system, she had the blood circulation barrier and suffered numbness and ache in her calf and neck frequently. The third one was her blood problems . The hemoglobin in her blood was insufficient, the blood sugar was instable and would drop all of a sudden just two hours after she finished meal and then caused all kinds of discomfort. Additionally, she had the osteoporosis sickness. She got worse and worse because of these diseases. Three years ago, she met a congressman in Seattle who had taken Professor Xu Mingtang treatment before and received good curative effect. And then Mary knew about Professor Xu Mingtang.

After these several recuperations, Ms Mary felt better and better. She is very happy because some ache has reduced and some ache already disappeared. Her digestive system is a lot better than before. She can eat normally and her right side abdomen does not hurt any more. She can enjoy the same meal together with everyone. Her blood sugar is stable now, it will be ok even if she does not have meal for several hours. The blood circulation has also been improved greatly. And now her leg dose not suffer numbness any longer and her neck gets relaxed much.

Ms Mary appreciates “Kundawell” and Professor Xu Mingtang very much. She said, Professor Xu Mingtang is an capable and helpful man, his team is very good, and they help each other. Everybody just tries his best to fill the customers requirements. During those days in Institute “Kundawell”, I have the same feeling as at home.

Ms Mary wants more people in the world to know about Beijing Medicine Research Institute “Kundawell”, and also hopes “Kundawell” help more people eliminate their pain in the future.

"Thank you for the extraordinary things you have done for my health and healing over the last decade". Mary Bush

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