Story of Elvira (Russia)
Doctors diagnosed Elvira with diplopia (a vision disorder consisting of bifurcation of visible objects). Elvira suffered in a car accident twelve years ago and received many injuries there. After the accident her vision deteriorated to a point where she was not able to clearly discern objects.

Luckily there is Chinese Image Medicine and it does miracles. With its methods the participant of individual research program in Kundawell Institute regained vision after a 12-years old accident.

Elvira is leaving China in a happy mood. During her stay after only 10 days of treatment in Kundawell Medical Research Institute she experienced great surprises: after 12 years of not being able to see with her left eye she regained vision „in a miraculous way“. All of this is result of work of Master Xu Mingtang and the teamwork of Institute staff.

Elvira was happy to answer our questions and share her experience about the individual research program in Kundawell Institute.

- Please tell us, what was your diagnosis when you came to Master Xu Mingtang?
- In 1996 I got in a car accident and among many injuries my vision had suffered. I was diagnosed diplopia even before the accident. I couldn’t see clearly at all. After the accident I found out my vision had deteriorated even more. Doctors said a nerve in my brain was injured.

- Did you do any treatments before coming to Kundawell?
- Yes, I went to a special eye clinic in Moscow. Doctors analyzed my situation and told me my problem was incurable. I was very disappointed and it was very difficult for me to accept that.
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- How did you find out about Master Xu Mingtang?

- In January this year my husband started to practice Zhong Yuan Qigong health practices, and in July he participated in a seminar taught by Master. There he had a chance to talk to Master about my health and he asked if there is a chance for me to heal. Mingtang thought for a while and said he could try. This answer gave me and my husband a hope and added to our self-confidence. This is how we came to China.

- Could you tell us about the individual research program?
- We came here on October 15. Master was treating me on October 17. Chinese Image Medicine sessions lasted for about an hour every day. Meanwhile, my husband took Traditional Chinese Medicine and massage sessions. He enjoyed it very much.

- When did you started to feel changes in your health?
- In the beginning I did not feel any changes at all. It was after several days when I started to feel changes. My state was unstable but in the end the results were incredible – my vision had improved.

- How are you right now?
- I don’t know what to say. The change is huge.

- Could you say that you got your vision back?
- Yes, I can see quite well and I feel I could see even better. I am very happy that this is happening to me.

- Congratulations! Could you describe the treatment process here, with Master Xu Mingtang, and how is it different from other methods you know?
- One thing is that Master can demonstrate the link between the theory and practice of Chinese Image Medicine. Even more, I think he knows where to look: from all the available information he chooses and highlights exactly the part which helps to find the true cause of the disease. Besides, I had a very weird feeling that my body has been taught to heal itself. That was amazing!

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- One more question if you don’t mind. What is your profession?
- I am psychologist and therapist, I teach in Institute of Psychology in Moscow.

- Did you like Beijing?
- This is the first time for me in Beijing, and I like it very much. The Chinese people are very friendly. The only thing Beijing lacks is clear skies, just like we have them in the outskirts of Moscow where we live. And we like Kundawell institute. We feel at home here, although it is a new place for us. We will definitely come back if we get the chance.

- Please do, we will be happy to see you here. And we are grateful for your kind words about Kundawell Institute and Master Xu Mingtang.
- Thank you all very much.

October 2008

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