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Specialist of the research department of the Kundawell Institute, Image therapist of the 5th level.

Elvina tells about herself:
"Hello, my name is Elvina, I am a representative and specialist of the Kundawell Institute in Beijing.

As a child, I studied Chinese martial arts, kung fu, wushu, taijiquan. And I was so in love with it that my dad said, if I do well, I can become the first girl in Shaolin who owns the skill of Kung Fu. I grew up with the understanding that I should help to heal people, work in the spiritual sphere. Practiced yoga, and thirsted spiritual understanding. But my parents warned me, never do it alone until you find a suitable Teacher. I wondered about life, I was preparing, and in the meantime, I was looking for the "right" Teacher. I studied Chinese at school when I was 15 years old, and at that time, I did not even know that I would be in China, I will fulfill my dream and will be engaged to the work of the whole life. I liked everything connected with medicine and anatomy, many times I won prizes at the All-Russia Olympiads in Biology. In 2011 I entered the Kazan State University in Russia for an English translation. I graduated from the course of medical physiology, I can provide first aid.

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In 2016 I started practicing health practices of Zhong Yuan, every day for 2 hours, with such great pleasure and understanding - this is mine. ZYQ practices added a few more interesting phenomena to my life. In 2017, I moved to China for practice and dreamed of visiting the Shaolin Temple. When I came there, I felt being home. I knew that I came to the right place at the right time.

So, one night, I saw a dream in which I asked Master, could I find him and come to him? The next day I canceled all my business and went to the Shaolin Temple to find the Great Master. I had no information how to find him, I did not know the exact location, but I did it!

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And now you see me here, I'm helping the Kundawell Institute! I learned to use Chinese Image medicine and help people. I attend courses in Chinese Image medicine, international seminars, participate in retreats in Shaolin, and devote myself to work and practice. Up to date, I am the instructor of the 1st level health practice Zhong Yuan and the personal student of Master Xu Mingtang.

I am very glad to be here, to help people and to hear that they feel happy and healthy after my healing sessions. And, of course, I'm happy to practice Zhong Yuan's health practices, discover the greatest opportunities for existence and help people develop their spiritual path through meditation.

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As a bonus for myself - I practice BiGuShiQi. At the moment, it's almost 9 months without food, it helps me in my deep spiritual practice. I would like to share my experience with everyone."

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