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Chinese Image Medicine

Chinese Image Medicine (CIM), being a modern, innovative direction in the development of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), has its roots in the oldest, first medical school in the history of TCM - the Bien Chue School, founded by the great Chinese doctor Bien Chue (407-310 years BC).

In Chinese image-medicine is called 意象 医学 (Yi Xiang Yi Xue), where Yi stands for the mind, consciousness, thought, Xiang - picture, image, Yi Xue - medicine. In general, the phrase "Yi Xiang Yi Xue" means that this kind of medicine, based on imaginative thinking, researches and uses the image thinking for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases. More details on the website of the Kundawell Institute >>>

Practical training will be held by the specialist of the Kundawell Institute, a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine specializing in: acupuncture, Tuina massage, Image therapist of the 2nd level - Ekaterina Krylova.

Practical lessons

During the practical classes, each participant will be able to:
  • To study and apply in practice some of the methods of Chinese Image Medicine that is aimed to prevent and treat diseases of internal organs, as well as strengthen immunity.
  • Determine your individual abilities in diagnosis and treatment using the Chinese Image Medicine method.
  • Get detailed answers to questions related to individual practice of treatment.
  • Undergo a diagnosis of a body condition from a specialist of the Beijing Institute Kundawell, Image therapist of the second level, Ekaterina Krylova.
  • Get recommendations on self-treatment and restore the energy balance of your body.



Preliminary registration for practical classes is obligatory!!!
Small groups of 5 people will be formed.
It is necessary to send a letter-application to the e-mail address for registration:
nataliya.urban@deinweg.eu (in Russian, German or English).


February 24th, 2018 - classes with German translation.
March 3rd, 2018 - lessons without translation.
The time of the classes is from 12:00 to 18:00.
Small changes are possible.


The price of practical classes is 100 Euro.
A gift from the organizers of the event: the price includes one-time diagnosis using the methods of Chinese Image Medicine from Ekaterina Krylova.

Place of training

The place will be announced after registration of participants.

Contact Information

E-mail: nataliya.urban@deinweg.eu (Natalia)
Web page: zyq108.de

Additional Information

It is possible to consider individual health issues within the framework of a practical lesson.
And it is also possible to make an appointment for diagnosis and individual consultation with Ekaterina Krylova for another day.

Translated by Elvina

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