On the 12th of August 2017, in Chinese Dengfeng, Henan province, not far from Shaolin monastery was held a ceremonial opening of the conference, devoted to the creation of the World Federation of life support with the help of Chan (Zen) Meditation.
i 20170812 denfen china 2The conference included such events: The 1st Forum “The Life Science” and the 2nd Forum “The Health of the people in China”, the reports, prepared for the 7th International Conference in Chinese Image Medicine, which this year will take place in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
i 20170812 denfen china 5In this conference took part more than 400 people from different places of the world, among them were some practitioners, monks, the teachers of different traditions, the doctors of TCM, image-therapists, researchers – people united with the common idea, the idea of sharing Chan (Zen) all over the world for strengthen the human’s health with the methods of traditional Chinese medicine.
i 20170812 denfen china 18i 20170812 denfen china 17The secretary of the committee project “Developing of the Healthy China” Lu Xiangzhi was the first reporter. His report was titled “The inside relationship between the theories of Chan (Zen) Meditation and the health in Traditional Chinese Medicine”. He told the history of Buddhism and its impact on the Chinese culture. Lu Xiangzhi observed that the aim of Chan (Zen) is to enter the real human’s nature, which is needed for the Enlightenment.
i 20170812 denfen china 25
He talked about the Enlightenment and the need for the practice of virtue and compassion, of getting the unity between the Earth and the Sky. In his opinion, the main reason of the diseases is the psychological condition, that’s why “the human needs to control his feelings and emotions, to keep the heart pure and the mind in peace”. Chan-Buddhism gives the possibility to remove negative emotions, stress and to get the state of joy and happiness.
i 20170812 denfen china 21Zheng Shuji, Professor of the rehabilitation treatment faculty of Hong-Kong Polytechnic University, made a report on the experience of using mindfulness meditation when people have chronical aches. Mindfulness practice stimulates restorative functions of the body. Zheng Shuji noted the need for the people to mind the emotions, feelings, to be “here and now”, the will give the person possibility to reduce the negative reactions of the mind, to improve the level of life. According to him, meditation lets to reduce or to remove chronical ache and the stress. He noted the connection between the sensitivity to the pain with the brain structures, which settings are changing during the meditation.
i 20170812 denfen china 19i 20170812 denfen china 23Rosalin, the head of the Canada Center of Eastern Chan Medicine and Martial arts talked on the development of Zen Meditation in Canada, on progress made in spreading Shaolin kung-fu, Zen Meditation and traditional Chinese medicine methods.
i 20170812 denfen china 24i 20170812 denfen china 22And the speech of professor Xu Mingtang, the successor of Bien Chue School, gave the listeners possibility to touch the deepest knowledge, to take them into their very hearts. Master told about the secret that Shaolin Monastery still keeps.
i 20170812 denfen china 7Every person at some point asks oneself “Who am I? Where am I from and where will I go further?” While meditating we are returning to our sources. Master observed, that people are practicing meditation “to go from troubles and problems inside the heart to release”.
i 20170812 denfen china 8
i 20170812 denfen china 26Master Xu Mingtang noted that the aim of the meditation is to see your own heart, to learn your true nature, your initial face. But to see yourself initial you can when you are calm. With the help of shunning it is possible to get the Pause state, and from the state of Pause comes Wisdom. The Wisdom is to see your one heart and to understand the initial true nature.
i 20170812 denfen china 9In the second part of his report Master Xu Mingtang has told about his Zhong Yuan Qigong School and about the method, that is at its core, about the creation of the Chinese Image Medicine Association and its local representatives.
i 20170812 denfen china 20Image-therapists and qigong practitioners also made their reports at the conference.
Olga Smirnova, professor of Chinese Image Medicine, image-therapist of the 1st level has shared her 19 years’ practical experience. She told about the concept of human’s treatment, what kinds of diseases are most effectively cured with the methods of Image Medicine. The listeners had learned about Beijing Medical research Kundawell Institute and about the teaching process at the Institute.
i 20170812 denfen china 11
i 20170812 denfen china 30Alexandra Letyagina, Zhong Yuan Qigong instructor, image therapist, shared her successful results in curing women’s diseases.
i 20170812 denfen china 6i 20170812 denfen china 35Larisa Nesterenko, image therapist of the 3rd level, certified specialist in the field of health-promotion activities, has told about her experience of curing Psoriasis.
i 20170812 denfen china 36i 20170812 denfen china 10Tatyana Akimova, image-therapist, the participant of many in Chinese Image Medicine conferences and health-promoting practices, has shared her impressive results of using image-medicine methods in diagnostics and treatment of difficult diseases.
i 20170812 denfen china 14i 20170812 denfen china 37Indeed, image-therapists had impressed everybody with the results of their treatment and had leaved none indifferent. They had shown high effectiveness of Chinese Image Medicine methods.
i 20170812 denfen china 29
Evgeniy Tertichniy, image-therapist, Candidate of Psychological Science, Executive Director of International Fund “Mingtang”, had made the report “Chan meditation and the image – the attributes of the third signal system”.
i 20170812 denfen china 12And in closing the first day of the conference Zhang Dayong, the assistant of the director of the World Association of The Treatment with the help of the hands, had shown on the listeners the Wushu-medicine methods. He showed the methods of curing the spine, told how to get rid of the problems in the cervical and lumbar spine.
i 20170812 denfen china 15i 20170812 denfen china 16After the solemn dinner, all the participants of the conference watched the fascinating Kung-Fu show.
i 20170812 denfen china 27i 20170812 denfen china 28The second day of the conference had begun with the report of Mr. Li Zhengyu, the head of the teaching-researching department of medical massage in Shanghai Institute of acupuncture and massage. He presented the clinical practice of curing diabetes mellitus and other diseases with the help of Chan massage with one finger. Chen Junyong, the doctor from the Italian Center of Chan (Zen) Meditation had made the report about the spine treatment.
i 20170812 denfen china 3i 20170812 denfen china 31Edgars Vasilevkis, the Ph.D in Medical Science, researcher of the Stradynya University and Beijing Medical Research Kundawell Institute, image-therapist, anesthesiologist, algologist and osteopath, and Kaspars Klavins, the Ph.D in History, professor of Riga Technical University, acting senior researcher of Latvia University, the adjunct research fellow of Australian Monash University, (both from Latvia), had shared the information about the connection of the Greek Culture and Shaolin practices.
i 20170812 denfen china 4Before the closing of the second day of the conference there was presented the declaration of The World Federation of Chan Meditation. Shi Fabao, the representative of the Buddhist delegation from UNESCO, was appointed the Head of the Federation, Master Shi Yanlin, the founder of the Shaolin Institute of Chan Medicine and Kung-Fu, was appointed the Executive Director, Master Xu Mingtang, the director of Beijing Medical Research Kundawell Institute, the president of international fond “Mingtang”, the president of Chinese Image Medicine Federation, was appointed the General Secretary.
i konf 20170812 denfen cina 1And in addition to all the decisions there were chosen the dates and the venue of the next activities: the meeting of the Committee of the World Federation of life support with the help of Chan Meditation is scheduled for October 2017 in Beijing, and the Second Conference of life support with the help of Chan is scheduled for August 2018 in Chinese Sian. Beijing Medical research Kundawell Institute and Shaolin Medical Center will act as organizers of the events.
i 20170812 denfen china 32In general, we can say that the Conference had a very friendly and warm atmosphere, everyone could feel the unity and great interest of the participants. It gave the unique possibility to join the experience and priceless knowledge of so many people. Every listener carried out something valuable and very important for the practice and for the life in general.
i 20170812 denfen china 34i 20170812 denfen china 33Behind the words of every participant there were much more valuable and important, something, that stayed inside everyone’s heart, something, that just can’t be put into words.

Translated by Zoya Ligvinska,  Iliya Ivanov,
Author of the text: Tatyana Rutkovskaya, Igor Chesnokov,
Text editor:
Tatyana Rutkovskaya, Igor Chesnokov,
Photos: Igor Chesnokov, Halina Yakymenko,
Edgars Vasilevkis, Kaspars Klavins.

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