Li Jun (China)

i lijun
Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a
 graduate of the Graduate School on specialization: Acupuncture and massage, Scientific worker on research of cautery methods in 973 scientific-research projects of the state, Specialist on rehabilitation and prophylaxis of disease Member of the board of the World Academic Society of Medical Qigong, Researcher of Chinese Image Medicine.


2008-2011, Institute of Acupuncture and massage under Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Master on specialization: Acupuncture and massage.
2002-2008, Institute of Acupuncture and massage under Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Hospital "Guan Unmann" under Chinese Scientific Institute of TCM, Bachelor on specialization: Acupuncture and massage.

09.2008-06.2011, practiced with the doctor Zhao Baysyao at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.
08.2007-06.2008, Practiced in the hospital "Guan Unmann" under Chinese Scientific Institute of TCM.
02.2006-01.2007, practiced in the hospital "Hu Guosy" under Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.
12.2005-01.2006, practiced in the therapy department, the department of acupuncture and massage in Beijing hospital.
IMG 7566Training:

16-19.08.2010, participated in the first closed academic conference on Chinese virtue and wisdom. He studied at the author of the book "Taoist medicine" - Professor Sen Chuntszin.
12.2009-05.2011, studied at the director of the Institute of Chinese Qigong - Professor Lin Chzhunpen theory and practice of medical qigong.
11.2009-03.2010, studied at the student of the famous master of nurturing life Shaobo Lee - Mr. Lee Chinchie the method of moving real qi in the body.
12-14.06.2009, participated in the first Chinese seminar on Image Medicine, taught by master Xu Mingtang.July 2007-August 2009, practiced with doctor of the church "White Clouds" -  Uguochzhi, deepened his understanding of traditional medicine.
02.2005-07.2008, practiced with the famous doctor of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine - Professor Gu Shechzhe.
10.2004-09.2007, studied the fist Shin Yi of Sung style.
IMG 5536Awards and achievements:

04.2012, he received a certificate issued by the Ministry of Health to conduct medical activities with the use of TCM.
09.2011, received the certificate issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and the Ministry of Social Security for the right to give a lectures, and conduct prevention-rehabilitation activities at the center of leadership on employment in China.
05.2010, was elected a board member of the Council on the 4th convocation of the International Society of Medical Qigong.
12.2009, was evaluated as the most active volunteer of TCM community in China in 2009.


Classical acupuncture, traditional moxabustion, acupressure, massage tendons, Image Medicine, treatment with stone Bian Shi, treatment and diagnostics using points on the auricle, the external use of herbs, health-improving gymnastics map-based internal alchemy. He can teach the theory and methods of nurturing life, rehabilitation and prevention of diseases in the English and Chinese languages.
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