Alexander, 47 years old.
004 alexaInitial diagnosis:
nephroptosis (falling of kidney). Usually he felt strong pain in the kidney in early morning. Whenever he goes to bed, pain woke him up about 5 or 6 in the morning. He didn't take any medicine, but drank herbal tea for kidneys. After making analysis and ultrasound he found that one kidney is 85mm lower than the other. Doctors suggested two solutions: either surgery or gaining weight in order to create a fat pelvis of the kidney. He started to search for alternative ways of treatment and found Image therapist Larisa Nesterenko, who recommended him to try “Kundawell” treatment. On the website Alexander found an advertisement about creating a new group of patients and wrote an application.

Research and treatment: The duration of research is 10 days.
Treatment: Professor Xu Mingtang - Image therapy, Smirnova Olga - Image therapy, qigong, herbs (to strengthen energy of kidneys), special diet.

Interview with Alexander at the end of the research:

Have you been practicing qigong before?
I practiced qigong occasionally, from time to time. It helped to keep up myself in good condition. At home I tried to practice regularly.

How do you feel the impact of Image therapy?
Now I do not feel the kidney any more, nagging pain in low back disappeared. I started to wake up not because of pain, but because of alarm, feel myself very energetic. Qigong exercises which seems to be difficult before became easy to fulfill.

What can you say about professor Xu Mingtang and his methods?
I do not have proper words to describe it. It is doubtful whether these methods can be comprehended with usual mind, but it works, and works very effectively. Serious problem was solved in 10 days. Professor works without further ado, but he is very approachable person. During the treatment I was trying to concentrate on my feelings and fully relax. In the process of treatment I didn't sleep but was in deep calm state. I felt like waves are spreading all over the body, spontaneous muscle contractions along channels appeared. Sometimes waves turned to vibrations. All these effects repeated even without Professor. In Kundawell I had very picturesque dreams. Also I had a period of irritation and tension. I got irritated at a mere nothing. Than all this emotions disappeared. Experts worked with all organs. I had nagging pain in the area of gallbladder for 2-3 days, then it’s gone.

How do you feel about staying in Kundawell?
Great. Here you live in atmosphere of benevolence and attention. Room service is good. Food is tasty and various: there was not only a set meal but also always something new. I started to eat a lot in the morning, ate a lot of fruits, which were brought to my room. I like the music in Kundawell dining room.

What can you tell visitors of our website?
To be honest, in the beginning I doubt weather I should or should not go to Kundawell. I had some prejudice, moreover the price of treatment was thought provoking one. But now I do not regret. Those who have doubts should not. Price is nothing in comparison with the result that you can get here. Master and his crew do priceless work. Also I was very glad to be acquainted with Beijing, which grew prettier strongly after Olympic games.

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