Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome

apnoe 2Oleg came to "Kundawell" with a diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (severe), chronic insomnia inorganic origin and arterial hypertension.

Oleg came to research program for 3 times - in March and December 2010, March 2011.

He was trying to treat this disease at home in Russia, then in Israel, Europe, and even in China. He was in India for three times, but nowhere treatment  helped. And only when he came to "Kundawell" he very confidently sad that only in the Institute “Kundawell" there were practical methods and techniques for the treatment of this disease. Oleg felt improvement in March, when he came for the first time for two weeks.

"All started in August 2008 when, after a severe stress related to the economic crisis, the duration of my sleep was reduced to one to two hours a day", - Oleg remember. He repeatedly had treatment of insomnia with short courses of medication, which did not have any effect. Doctors warned him about high risk of car accidents because of severity of sleep apnea, as soon as he can sleep during he drove the car.  They recommended treat the disease.

Oleg's life began to turn into hell. "Gradually developed the bad symptoms and it was difficult to live with them.  Appeared the problems with falling asleep, I started wake up during the night in 1-3 hours after falling asleep. Sleep was restless and not refreshing. In the morning, I felt tiredness and headaches, chronic fatigue during the day, decreased capacity for work, memory, mood, I felt irritability, and even depression. "

According to Oleg, experience and methods of treatment of this disease are not effective in different countries: "I was in Moscow and in Israel. The doctors recommended a device - you should sleep in a mask, which is not comfortable, and I would say that it is not safe. The patient have to sleep in mask, connected to a device which delivers air. I have tried to use it a total of 7 times in Moscow and in Israel, and I could not get to sleep in this mask. In India, I passed  Ayurvedic treatment and realized that they didn’t understand the cause of this disease and how to treat it. When I was in India for the first time it was some kind of improvement, the last two times (a total of 3 times) they treated even worse. So I went to "Kundawell." Here the treatment is precise, clear, understandable and, the most important think – is effective”.

During the first visit to Institute "Kundawell" Oleg passed 14-days of research program, which gave the desired effect. Oleg happily shared with us with this result: "I sleep better and I realized how I can improve my health. The positive dynamics of treatment started to affect my life. Methods used here, and the skills were the most effective. "

Our client confirms that the experts of the Institute were able to find the cause of the disease and, therefore, to solve the problem with his health: "The reason is clear, so it is clear how to treat.   First of all, I have to get rid of extra weight. It is necessary to maintain the relationship between liver and kidneys, and they should be preserved and strengthened. Well, and practice, practice qigong ... "

During the first visit to Institute "Kundawell" Oleg has improved his health, he praised the positive changes in the work of chefs and kitchen staff. Food has become more European. Oleg was satisfied with the work of all the staff:   “Especially I want to thank Master Xu Mingtang, and also Olga Markovna, Anastasia, Igor  (who helped in computer work), Tatiana - administrator, and in general, the whole team of “Kundawell”. Our Institute was for Oleg a place where he "received proper professional treatment”.  So he suggest "Kundawell" to advertise itself more wide.  Oleg recommends his friends to pass the personal research program in Institute "Kundawell", "because of so many patients all over the world suffer from this disease and don’t know where they can get help”.

Oleg - a man with a big sense of humor.
At the end of the conversation, he said: "It is very nice that many patients can be treated here from disease, which, perhaps, might  be treated only on the Moon, Mars or another planet. Thanks "Kundawell" very much for what it exist!"

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