Osteosarcoma of the tibia

Masha, was born in 1998 in Brest, Belarus.
She became ill in 2008, when there was swelling in the middle third part of the left tibia. According to R-graphy her illness was diagnosed as chronic osteomyelitis, was performed the surgery, prescribed antibiotics. But in April 2009, the tumor appeared again in the same place and in May was performed one more surgery. The disease had become more severe, a simple inflammation of the bone marrow developed into the tumor of left tibia, with no evidence of intrapulmonary metastasis.

It was set a diagnosis: osteosarcoma of the left tibia. Parents were offered therapy including ifosfamide, adriamycin, radiation treatment, but they refused the offered therapy and took the patient home. At this time in Minsk Professor Xu Mingtang hold a seminar on ZYqigong and offered Masha to pass personal research program. In late summer, Masha and her father came to the Institute "Kundawell" in Beijing.

Two courses of the research program were necessary in order to stop the growth of tumor. Besides the methods of Image Medicine it was applied herbal compresses and ancient traditional treatments.

After the first year of the research program (18.11.2009), was taken biopsy of bone and revised diagnosis: adamantinoma of left tibia (rare type of low malignant tumor). Osteosarcoma was no longer threatened by the patient's life. Although it was not possible to stop completely the growth of tumors, and it was made a few surgeries, at the present moment Masha is doing well and is observed in the Institute "Kundawell."

After first course of the research program, on the 18-th of November 2009, was taken biopsy of bone and revised diagnosis: adamantinoma (low malignant tumor) of left tibia.
Osteosarcoma is no longer threatened the patient's life.

Although it was not possible to stop completely the growth of tumors, and Masha was made a few surgery, now she is doing well and is under the supervision of Institute "Kundawell”.

Letter to "Kundawell":

"Regarding the results of treatment in the Institute "Kundawell” I would like to point out the fact that in those days, when it was necessary to decide the question of chemotherapy, Professor Xu Mingtang was in Minsk and looked Masha. Master Xu Mingtang recommended not to perform a chemotherapy. This was confirmed in the future.
After passing the first course of treatment at the Institute "Kundawell" it was made CT scan, which showed growth arrest of the tumor and some induration of bone tissue. The diagnosis was changed from sarcoma into the adamantinoma (ameloblastoma). I would like to mention the fact that after the first treatment Masha start to be much stronger and she stopped to catch a cold. Before traveling to China, Masha was sick very often.
Unfortunately, it didn’t manage to stop tumor growth finally, so we had to perform several surgeries. After surgery which took place in May 2010 (part of the bone was removed with the tumor, length 20 cm), Masha’s leg is still in the Ilizarov apparatus.
We wish to express our gratitude, especially to Professor Xu Mingtang, Flura, Olga Markovna and all the staff of the Institute "Kundawell" who took part in the treatment of Masha.

Sincerely, family of Ruhley”.
May, 2012.

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