Primary Pulmonary Hypertension

Charity, USA
Charity head shotNew Year's Eve entertainment was holding in Beijing Institute “Kundawell” in Chinese New Year's Eve nigh. Outside the whole city was filled with the sound of the firecrackers, and inside our audiences were touched by a singer’ beautiful song, which is normative, mellow and rich of passion. The voice is so resonant that it is louder than the sound of fireworks outside. It shook each of the audience, winning warm applause again and again.

The young woman is Charity coming from US, an accomplished opera singer. In the United States and Europe she participated in many theater concerts, and also held numerous personal concerts. Unfortunately, she felt something wrong with her body just when her singing career came to a peak time. Especially about five months ago, she found her body become weaker and weaker, even hard to breathe. Sometimes she wheezed fiercely, could not sing at all. She had to give up so many opportunities to perform. She went to the hospital to do an inspection, and was told to be suffering from a "pulmonary hypertension". That was to say the lung could not exchange gas normally, and the right ventricle enlarged very serious because of compensatory barrier. Such disease is rare, and also very complex, yet there is no effective treatment.

Her private doctor suggested her carry out surgery to replace her heart and lung, which made her so disappointed. Because she knew the successful rate of such surgery was very low, so there would be enormous risks. Just at this time, her aunt told her that she can go to Beijing Medicine Research Institute “Kundawell” to look for Professor Xu Mingtang to have a try. Her aunt has seen Xu Mingtang’s magic treatments in Seattle. Thus Charity came to Beijing with uncertainty. To her surprise, she fell in love with “Kundawell” just at the while she arrived here. There are outstanding Chinese doctors, very kind staffs, quite clean and tidy living environment, which makes her fell Beijing “Kundawell” is just like a home.

Professor Xu Mingtang made a diagnosis and recuperation for her using his unique Image Medicine, and also arranged a variety of traditional Chinese health recuperation. Before, when she walked very near, she would took hard breath, and felt her tongue awkward. But now, Charity felt great improved at the fourth day, no weakness and tired feeling even if walking further distance. Therefore, she was so glad and full of confidence of Xu Mingtang’ treatment.
Charity felt her physical condition getting better and better after accepting the recuperation more than one month in “Kundawell”. She visited the Forbidden city one Saturday before she left. So surprised to her, she did not feel tired after so long walking, but other people were already exhausted. During the time she stayed in Beijing “Kundawell”, she joined in some foreign students birthday party when she was very pleased to perform her excellent opera, which was so clear and beautiful that she won thunderous applauses.

She was so pleasure because she never thought she was able to recover so well without any pain just in this short period of treatment. Now she can sing again without any problems at all. Singing is always her professional work which she prefers very much. She can also perform her concert again with no worry. Before, doctor suspected her illness might be relevant to the work of her singing, and she denied it. But later, when she knew another opera singer died from the same disease, she accepted the fact reluctantly. However, Xu Mingtang told her that singing would not aggravated the disease, but could be useful to it. And Xu Mingtang encouraged her to sing more, which made her very happy.
Charity was very pleased to accept our interview before her leaving. She said that her doctor would take many examinations for her, but she did not worry at all, because she felt quite well now, and she was full of confidence and hopeful not only in physical condition but also in psychological condition. She felt she lived in a brand-new world now. She did not need a lot of western medicine treatment. She also learned “Qigong” in “Kundawell”, which was very helpful to her health, and she said she would keep practicing it after returning home. And she said her friends would be very surprised when they saw her, and she would tell all of them what had happened in Beijing “Kundawell” Institute.

Charity said again and again:”Thanks “Kundawell”. Thanks all the staff working here”.

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