March 31, 2018, the First High Level Forum of the Chinese Medicine Culture Development Strategy and "Achievements of Chinese Medicine" the opening ceremony program took place in Beijing, China. The organizers of the event were: the Beijing Treatment and Prevention of Chronic Diseases Association in China, the Zhongguancun Precision Medicine Foundation, the Beijing Association for the Prevention and Control of Chronic Diseases, the International Alliance of Therapeutic Innovative Technologies and the Beijing Medical Research Kundawell Institute.

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In the presidium there were honorary guests and representatives of the institutions that organized the event: Professor Zhang Danin of the National Medical School, Mr. Chen Guigui is a highest level professor of Chinese medicine who holds the honorary title of one of the 100 national professors of China, chairman of the Zhongguanchun Institute of Precision Medicine Tsai Chan, General- Secretary of the Beijing Disease Prevention Association Mr. Hong Yong, founder and director of the Beijing Medical Research "Kundawell" Institute Professor Xu Mingtang, director of the Beijing Society for the prevention and control of chronic diseases, Chen Hui, a spokesman for the Beijing media center Mr. Yu Zhicheng, a representative of Xinjiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Professor Li Bai.

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"Popularization, unification, innovation" was the main slogan of this event. Over one hundred representatives of medical institutions and organizations, doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), scientists and experts in this field took part in the Forum. All of them made presentations on the topic of health and its prevention. They discussed issues of spreading the heritage of the culture of Chinese medicine and promoting the construction of healthy China.

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Speaking at the Forum, Professor Xu Mingtang talked about one of the development directions in TCM - about Chinese Image Medicine, and the development of this area of medicine in China and around the world. Upon completion of the performance, Xu Mingtang was awarded with the certificate of honor of the Forum participant.

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(Awarding Professor Xu Mingtang with the certificate of honor of the Forum participant)

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(The Certificate of Honor says that Professor Xu Mingtang spoke at the Forum on the "Chinese Medicine Goes International” topic)

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The culmination of the Forum was the launching ceremony of the "Zhongyishuo" program ("Let's Talk About the Achievements of Chinese Medicine"). This program will help to change the traditional understanding of Chinese medicine, talk about folk Masters and practitioners of Chinese medicine and show its achievements.

Finally, the participants of this event had memory photo.i forum 20180331 3
(General photo of the Forum participants)

Translated by Elvina

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