Professor Xu Mingtang: "What is an individual research?"

Professor Xu Mingtang report at the Second International Conference of Image Medicine and the First Ukrainian-Chinese Conference on Traditional Chinese Medicine in Odessa (Ukraine):   

Generalization of research experience in the Institute "Kundawell"

In the Institute "Kundawell" we have a very important department, which named "The department of individual research". And, of course, very many people are interested to know what the individual research is, and what results we have achieved by conducting individual research in "Kundawell".

At this conference, I heard a lot of reports that describe your treatment and the results that you get using the treatment methods of Image Medicine. Too many people get the results they did not expect to get, and they still couldn’t understand how this happened. And it is the same studies that we do at the Institute "Kundawell".

So, we do individual research, but this research method was not invented at the Institute "Kundawell", because such studies are carried out for many universities in the U.S. We know that there are many rich people who have diseases, and they often suffer from the disease for which conventional modern medicine has not yet found a good treatment. What are these people doing? They give a lot of money to universities and ask them to research the disease. That is, these universities are exploring not a specific disease, but the individual. They are looking for ways that would restore health to that particular person. They carry out the study work on the individual, rather than a specific disease. Therefore, it is called personal research. And it's not like the manner in which research takes place in modern medicine. Modern medicine explore a specific disease or a particular drug, and then publish the statistics. For example, 50 or 60 percent of people get good results when taking the drug. We understand that everyone wants to be among the 50 or 60 percent of the success cases, and no one wants to take a course of treatment of the drug and remain without effect, or losing time, advance (neglect) their case. Traditional Chinese medicine also constantly uses an individual studies. In TCM doctor always surely diagnoses each person individually and writes him a prescription medication. And it turns out that this person first takes the medicine, and a week later the doctor prescribes him another recipe. That is, each particular person will not take the same medicine continuously. Therefore, individual research is not only used in the Institute "Kundawell", but also in other countries, in U.S. This methods regularly uses in abroad.
So, how do we understand what is the individual study. For individual study, the physician first identify the overall state of health of each person, and then tries to find an individual treatment modes for him (her). For such a doctor doesn’t matter which disease do you caught and what you suffer. The most important for such a doctor – to understand the tendency of disease, which disarrangement or disorder happened. And therefore occur the following cases: perhaps from the point of view of Western medicine, both patients will suffer the same disease, it will be called the same. But from the point of view of Image Medicine or individual research, treatment will be completely different for these two patients. That's why all of our patients come from incurable or intractable diseases. After individual research of disease 70 or even 80 percent of the people go with satisfactory results. And the same thing happens to you.

It may be you encounter a person with a particular disease for the first time, and the first time indeed you got a very good effect. Let's see how the process of research happens. Because of each of you who treats such questions may arise. For example, a patient came to you, and you do not know how to treat him, and you need to investigate his disease. How are you going to investigate? Before the patient came to us, we need to gather all of the data about him and take the history of disease. That is, what this man is sick, when he got the disease, why and how the disease progressed. Hereby, a team of Western and Eastern doctors already can look at this example and understand whether we had people with such disease, or not yet, and analyze this case.

In most cases, observing (researching) the disease, we can notice that in the western or eastern medicine, there are no good methods of treatment for this disease, therefore most of the patients come to us with intractable and incurable diseases.

After that, we begin to research the results of treatment by national ways, that is, we are looking for people - traditional healers from around the world and trying to find out if they have any results for the treatment of this disease. If we do not find a good way of treatment in China or other countries, then we begin to study the disease ourselves.

That is, we need to use the Image Medicine in order to examine and research this patient completely. First step - a diagnosis: we must fully diagnose this patient, we have to look at him on a physical, energy and information levels. That is, at levels of Jing, Qi and Shen and completely scan him. And then we have to analyze the results of diagnosis using Image Medicine and basing on our experience and our knowledge. That is, we need to see what problems we found at patient, and what problems doctors of Western medicine found, and to compare this data. And then we have to look at the images that we got during the diagnosis. Which of them are the cause and which the result of the disease. Accordingly, we understand which images we need to change for the first place. We have to use any methods helping us to correct this image. Any method can be our tools. Therefore, when we use the methods of treatment, we must rely on our wisdom and experience. We know that a good cook is quite different from a bad cook. That the food they cooked, will be very different. Everything connected with the level of person. So we need to use all of the conditions, all methods, our wisdom to understand how to change the unhealthy condition of the person into health.

So, let's regards several instances. For example: Crohn's disease.

I have heard reports of other participants, which indicated that Crohn's disease is curable. It's true. All those people who came to "Kundawell" during six years, is now largely been recovered. And, based on the instance of all this patients, we can say that we have really found a good method for the treatment of Crohn's disease.
For the treatment of Crohn's disease there is no good methods neither in Western medicine, nor in Eastern medicine. They do not give the desired result, so for patients with Crohn's disease it is necessary to perform a full scan and search where there is a derangement in the body.
So, on the theory of Western medicine, Crohn's disease – is a problem with the small intestine, it is ulcerative colitis, an inflammation of the intestine and the formation of ulcers in it. But really the reason of the disease is not in the intestine. And also this disease is considered as immune disease. If we treat only the intestines, then we will never achieve a good result, because the cause of the disease lies elsewhere. For example, for this particular person the cause of the disease was in the cervical spine. There were problems in the cervical spine and liver. So when I treated only once a neck, the state of patient health half improved.

Here, we have a very interesting situation - why the image has no connection with the intestines. Why are we treated cervical spine and the patient immediately went better. And perhaps we never thought how different places are connected with each other, but after the treatment we are able to wonder why, healing one, we help another place. We also know that if there are injuries and disorders of the cervical spine, it could affect the excretory system, there will be problems with urination and defecation. That is what tells us that the cervical spine and the nerves connected with the small intestine. Diagnosis with help of images allows us to see and find the cause of the disease. This method of research is not similar to the method of research in the laboratory. We don’t harm the patient, and we can immediately use the results of our research. How we have to treat Crohn's disease and how we can improve the results of treatment? We had a few patients and for all, we used almost the same way. You need to put in place the cervical vertebrae and correct derangements in the cervical spine. And also see from the informational point of view. That is, we completely change the state of the cervical spine and cervical ceases to affect the work of the small intestine. We improve the liver and stomach in order to improve human immune system. A final step is to improve the functioning of the intestines, and heal ulcers, that already presents. We use our hands and improve the condition of the cervical spine, also we use the method of regeneration to improve the condition of the liver and spleen. And then it is necessary to remove the cold from the gut. The final step - we need to regenerate the intestinal mucosa, because it already has ulcers and these ulcers have to be treated. In the Image Medicine, for those who have studied this method, we know that we have a very good method of regeneration. For example, if we need to regenerate the skin, we can use the special preparation for skin regeneration. That is, the skin is recovered. This is a special ointment of the Institute "Kundawell" and so we use it internally to help the intestinal mucosa to regenerate itself. So, you can see that everybody usually applied this ointment for skin, and we use it inside to the intestine. Why we are not afraid to use the ointment? Because we know that in case of application of the ointment inside we will not give any side effects. This ointment provides a special opportunity intestines, creates a special atmosphere in the gut to heal ulcers. Therefore, in the individual studies we definitely need ability. Ability of Image Medicine for diagnosis, and also we need our wisdom to choose the right treatment modes. Therefore, we can say that for this particular disease we do not care whether it is an autoimmune disease or not. We found an effective way to treat it.
Let see cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular disease is really upset me, because every year I hear the news that someone died from cardiovascular disease. It could be a heart attack or stroke. And even today, one friend told me that her husband died of clogged arteries, heart attack. He was only 60 years old. This disease appear very sudden, and death comes unexpected. A person can work or relax, or eat ... The World Health Organization (WHO) conducted a survey, the results of which revealed that one of the most common causes of death is heart disease. That is to say that heart disease is the most basic and primary cause of death.
How can we prevent cardiovascular disease? For over 15 years we will explore this question in the "Kundawell". I remember the very first case when I was working in America - it was the doctor who had to come for medical treatment, but he didn’t come. Unfortunately, there was cerebral haemorrhage, and he died. Through analysis (of stroke or infarction) we found out that death occurs due to blockage of blood vessels or due to rupture of the vessel wall. That is, all the same, no matter what the reason, a person may have congestion and it can lead to infarction or stroke, or it can break through the wall of the vessel and cause a stroke or other diseases. We need to think about whether we have a way, which help us to improve the functions of our vessels.
So, we have a question. How can we research it? We have a question, but we don’t have an answer. And also we don’t have the knowledge on which we can be based. There are no methods which could improve the condition of vessels. Normally, in case of such disease doctors prescribe aspirin in order to liquefy the blood, so that the blood flowed more freely. But usually don’t prescribe medicaments that could improve the function of blood vessels and improve the elasticity of the vascular wall. Therefore, in 2006 I went to the mountains to practice. I started looking for a method to improve the function and elasticity of blood vessels. During practice, on the seventh day I suddenly saw the image that would help improve the function of blood vessels. It is the method which we have to use for researching the disease in the Image Medicine.

So, we found out that it was a inhabitant of the sea, and then we began to do research to see whether this preparation will help, and whether this preparation has such a function. After an appeal to the many written sources, we found that the preparation actually has special properties and improves the function of blood vessels. For example, high blood pressure or hypertension. One of the reasons for high blood pressure - it is just a bad state of the vessels. The vessels are in spasm, and not resilient. And if the preparation improves function and elasticity of blood vessels, then it means that he will help in case of hypertension. I remember that in America, we had a student who took this preparation, and two months later his blood pressure returned to normal. I was very happy, and this positive result gave me hope that this preparation works.

Two days ago, one friend from Kiev said that at the last conference she bought six bottles of the preparation "Sea King" and took them. Previously, she was the pulse of 110-120 beats per second, and now the pulse is normal. She is a lawyer by profession, does not tell lies ... People who take these preparation do not need to take regular medication. Elasticity of blood vessels improves and the pressure falls on their own, that is, no need to take drugs to lower the pressure. So, we have to continue the research in this area to explore the components of this preparation and to analyze how this preparation will affect the condition of blood vessels and improve their condition and function. Over the past four years I had.
20 examples of these preparation lowered blood pressure and improved heart beating. I am sure many of you know the cases where your relatives suddenly has a heart attack or stroke. And I feel very much pain in my heart, because so many people are dying from these diseases at a young age. This is due to the fact that we did not improve the function of our blood vessels. And, of course, we still have a lot of good results, which I'll tell you.

We can very actively use the platform, which was created during the conference in order to improve not only their own health, but also help other people find health.

I wish all of you good health!

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