Roman, Stavropol

10.11.09, Roman was in the vehicles involved in the accident. Loss of consciousness lasting more than one hour, from the scene of an accident he was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Diagnosis: multisystem trauma, closed brain cerebral contusion severe, acute intracerebral hematoma on the left subcortical structures, subarachnoid hemorrhage. Contused wounds and abrasions on the face. Blunt abdominal trauma, rupture of the liver, intra-abdominal bleeding.

After the treatment of brain injury the severe disorders of speech, right-sided deep hemiparesis remained.

Valeria Ganieva (mather):

"Roman was discharged from hospital to home on the 31-st of December 2009. Doctors said us: "Do what you want”. We tried to find good methods, which could help us to recover. Roman was not able to walk and in March we went to a rehabilitation center in Moscow. From Moscow Roman returned home on their feet with a cane. We continued to do exercise therapy, go to swimming pool, consult with psychologists and we worked and practiced a lot ourselves.

In February 2011, we began to practice Zhong Yuan Qigong. In the classroom occurred 1-st epileptic seizure. Diagnosed: the post-traumatic epilepsy. On the 13th of May 2011 - the second seizure. Our instructor of ZYQ, Julian, advised to go to the "Kundawell", I am very grateful to him for that.

The first course of individual research program in "Kundawell" lasted three weeks (summer 2011). Right away we noticed that Roman’s cerebrum functions and thinking became better. He became less tired. The reaction rate Increased. Gait became more confident. Day by day Roman was getting more enduring and his mood and general well-being significantly improved. Master Xu Mingtang canceled antiepileptic medicaments. We became do our remedial procedures with a large load, and continue training qigong.

On the 13-th of November 2011, the very short-term epileptic seizure repeated. During almost one year Roman took the preparation of "Kundawell" - "The Living Fire" and Ji Bao. Taking into consideration that we almost did not take medicaments, we noticed that Roman began to read much better, the memory improved significantly, the emotional state started to be equable, balanced and positive. That was very important in this situation.

During all this period we continued to practice qigong. In November 2011, again went to Moscow in a rehabilitation center. Involuntarily we noted the difference in the approach to recovery. In "Kundawell" we felt ourselves like being recharged, like we received strength, a push to act, practice and work on; noticeably improved the function of the brain.

After studying at the "Kundawell" Image medicine course for 2-month, I began to treat Roman myself. After a session he had the feeling that second breathing opened. Usually I treated him in the evenings after work. He said that as if the power to come from somewhere. The hand started to be warmer and spasticity decreased, becoming more malleable. After I treated his head he felt lightness and calmness.

From 4 to 19 of September 2012 Poman passed another course of therapy in "Kundawell". Now he attends a rehabilitation center. His state of health significantly improved. Each day the new muscle groups start to function, almost recovered thinking and memory.

Roma was offered a job at the center - teach dancing (in 2009 he graduated from Kuban State University of Culture and Arts, faculty of choreography. 11 years he was engaged in sports-ballroom dancing). Already two month Roman leads the class, everybody are very pleased. It was repaired the new hall for him. We are very grateful for the help all the people who are helping us all the time.

I am very grateful to our instructor Julian, Master Xu Mingtang, Olga Markovna and all who helped Roman to recover. I believe that we got this result owing to Zhong Yuan Qigong and Master Xu Mingtang, methods Image medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine! Thank you!"
December 2012.

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