Our son Stepashka is 6 years old. He was born a healthy baby, his weight was 4 kg. His development went according to the schedule. When he was 1 year old he was diagnosed Spinal amyotrophy.
f321526825e4Currently Styopa cannot sit, cannot walk, cannot hold his head, and cannot turn around. He is lying and needs a constant help from his parents. Doctors in Russia hold the view that this disease has not been researched, and no one knows how to treat it. That was the reason why all the clinics where we sent our inquiries, declined even an appointment. We ourselves found a place where a hope was given that Styopa will be able to walk. This place was Beijing Kundawell Medical Research Institute.

In summer 2011 we had the first diagnostics and treatment course in Kundawell. We returned with good results: the movements in legs became stronger. Previously Styopa could only move his feet, however, after the treatment, there is a signal in the whole leg. When he is lying on his back, he can bend his legs, hold them himself and swing the legs. Also his arms have become stronger, he started to hold heavier objects than before. He is trying to hold his head, although for now he can only do it in a certain body position. His immunity has become stronger. After returning from Kundawell he was sick only once, when previously he was sick every month. Moreover, during his stay in Beijing he gained 1 kilo of weight, when previously we have been able to gain 1 kilo in one year.

In 2012 we had the second recovery course. This time Kundawell specialists were able to stop the negative course of the disease and improve Stepan’s health. Image therapy (the treatment method in Kundawell) has different approach from our medicine. There is no brutal intrusion into the body, it is not painful and does not have any negative side effects. Stepan is a very clever boy, he sings, learns poetry, he reads very well, can count till 100 in English, he likes drawing, inventing many different games, he loves to play with his small tablet. He is proud for his achievements and wants us to be happy with him. He is certain that one day he will walk, he will ride a bike and run around with his sister. He only needs to go to China!... 
68c2ff6d7112Image therapy is not able to completely solve our problem, but it helps more than all the medicine doctors have prescribed. Body is cleansing, energy channels are opening up and the little body of our Styopa is filling with energy and life force. After two courses in Kundawell we can surely state that the dynamics of Stepan’s health does not match the classical development of such disease known to doctors!

The story was published by Irina Tsukanova (Komotskaya)
January 31, 2014 ust-kutsp.ru

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