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We would like to ask the performers of the conference to choose the type of the presentation, to give the punctual duration of the presentation and to give information about these while sending the abstract.

1. Oral presentation:
a. Scientific/extended presentation max 30 min.
b. Case review presentation max 10 min.

2. Workshop:
a. 30 min.
b. 60 min.


The deadline of the application and the submit of the presentation is August 15, 2018.

All abstracts must be submitted in English, too.

Those presentations for the conference will be choosen from the incoming abstracts considering that the conference will be organised at the Hungarian Medical University. We will send feedback about the acceptance of the abstract.

After the acceptance of the abstracts we would like to ask the presenters to send their presentation in PDF file and full text presentation in DOC and PDF file. All presentations must be submitractted in English, too.

Information to help how to write the abstract

Please send with your abstract a short professional CV. Please mention your name, age, address, professional qualification, have you ever been a presenter on a conference (if yes, when and in which topic) How long have you been working as a Chinese Image Medicine therapyst and what is your level?

1. Title of the presentation and the expected duration.
2. Please summarize the presentation concisely, it should not exceed 500 words and it should be self-explanatory.
3. Please do not write literary references and abbreviations in the summary and please use the past time except for the conclusions.
4. Please send the abstracts translated into English.
5. Please send the abstract in doc file.
6. To protect the performers' data, the presentations will be deleted after screening.
7. The structural components of the abstract should reflect the structural units of the performance

a. Original or scientific lecture in abstract case
  • introduction (aim and topic description),
  • materials / patients and methods (study plan, test pattern, applied methods, short, 1-2 sentence description of the treatments without details), 
  • results (the largest part which presents the results in a clear and factual way in accordance with the examined groups),
  • conclusions (clear statements in the statement sentence).

b. Case review presentation (Please briefly describe the details of the case, we recommend the sample used by the Kundawell Institute)
  • Please attach the medical records that show the success of the case.

c. For a work shop, please explain the following in the abstract:
  • the aim of the work shop,
  • the essence of the presented method in the work shop,
  • highlight why the participants are worth taking part in the work-shop.

Added information

Please send abstracts to the e-mail address presentation@kinaikepmedicina.hu

Multimedia equipment and support will be available for oral presentations. Please indicate what kind of equipment you need to the work shop.

The accepted abstracts will be published in the conference newsletter.

At the conference the presenters can be performed in the following languages: Hungarian, Chinese, English, Russian, Slovakian.

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