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Masseur of highest level, a
 member of the National Association of Massage, specialist of the "Theory of shape-body", at the Third Congress of the Chinese unique treatments he was declared as a talented physician.

Zhang Zihui graduated from Tianjin Institute of acupuncture and massage. During forty years he is working as professional masseur. For five years he learned from his teacher massage and orthopedics, studied the theory of massage, learned many techniques of massage and manual therapy, received Certificates on massage. He was given the title of specialist Chinese medicine.

The using massage for many years, uninterrupted research and the search of new methods allowed Zhang to achieve a deeper understanding of therapeutic effects of massage, summarize his experience and create a complete theoretical system of massage called "Theory of shape-body". The system includes a "method of the three-stage approach to the diagnostics", "method of massage three parts of the body", "method of massage body on six levels".Massage helps to restore proper activity of the internal organs, is effective in functional disorders, disorders of the musculoskeletal system, is used in the prophylaxis of organic diseases and for rehabilitation.
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Zhang Zihui successfully applies massage for: acute functional disorders, diseases of the heart, lungs, liver, gastrointestinal tract, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc hernia, pain in the back, legs and neck, high blood pressure , difficulty urinating, prostate, gynecological diseases.

Zhang Zihui, using his method of massage three parts of the body, based on the "Theory of shape-body", has helped a large number of patients with intractable disease to restore health.Particularly effective he uses his method in order to eliminate pain syndromes. Very good results achieved in cases where the disease is still in its beginning stage, as well as rehabilitation.
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Zhang Zihui has participated repeatedly in conferences on massage as a special guest and demonstrated his method. He had been in Russia and other countries for carrying out the massage, and had a positive evaluation of his activity from the domestic and foreign patients and colleagues. Currently Zhang Zihui is a member of the National Association of massage, massage expert on the state level.
IMG 1365Kundawell Institute guests about Kundawell:

"... my friends recommended to visit #KUNDAWELL Institute, located on Kuangjie Street in Beijing City center. I was assigned a foreign specialist. In the beginning he diagnosed, and then he did treatment. It all took about 1 hour. It was very unusual for me. The foreign specialists in Kundawell institute reminded of Henry Norman Bethune - the man who treated Chinese people and was not afraid of any difficulties.
If we talk about treatment procedure as such, then first we have pulse diagnosis, then visual examination, and then Image therapy session. The service of Kundawell Institute is very good, the environment is clean and cosy, and Kundawell employees are very kind. I would especially like to thank Zhang Zihui for his precise diagnosis and massage session. Thank you very much." (The text has been translated and adapted).
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