On October 19-20, 2019, Bien Chue International Forum on Image Thinking at TCM and the innovative development of medicine was held in Anyang, Henan (China).
The forum was attended by over sixty participants, including experts and scientists from different regions of China, Russia, and Ukraine. The event was organized by the China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Beijing Medical Research Institute “Kundawell”.
The forum was opened by Professor Sun Yongzhan, the head of the international department of the All-China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Thanking all the guests gathered, he announced the main topic of the forum: "Original thinking in Traditional Chinese medicine and innovations in the development of Chinese medicine."
And the first was the director of the Beijing Medical Research Institute “Kundawell”, Professor Xu Mingtang, on the topic “The Mechanism of Drug Treatment with Chinese Image Medicine of Dr. Bien Chue.”
Further on the forum were: a researcher at the Main Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army of China, Mr. Zhao Lin with a report on the theme “Study and understanding of Chinese image medicine”;
Mr. Fu Wenlu - with the report “Thoughts and Methods of Fuyang at Dr. Bien Chue School”;
about the "Development of Chinese Image Medicine in the world" spoke the image therapist and deputy director of the Kundawell Institute Sergey Rubanenko;
Olga Markovna Smirnova, professor of Chinese Image Medicine, a first-level image therapist and physical therapy doctor, spoke about “Treatment of urolithiasis using Chinese Image Medicine methods”;
the continuer of special traditions in acupuncture, Ms. Wei Xiutin spoke on the topic “Clinical use of acupuncture”;
Professor Lu Yu Yuong, professor at the Beijing Cancer Hospital and the Beijing Institute for Cancer Research, said, "How to scientifically use the wisdom of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign medicine in life: the value and risk assessment of genomic technologies in cancer prevention and control."
The forum ended with a presentation by Professor Xu Mingtang, director of the Beijing Medical Research Institute “ Kundawell”, and the topic of his report was: "An in-depth analysis of Dr. Bien Chue's school concepts: image, imaginative thinking, image diagnostics, image therapy, and other concepts."
In the remaining time, the forum participants discussed “Image thinking in Chinese medicine”, debated on this topic and demonstrated their skills in Traditional Chinese and Image Medicine.

The next day, October 20, all participants in the International Forum visited the temple, built in honor of Dr. Bien Chue in Anyang.
On the territory of this temple, a ceremony was held to honor the memory of the legendary Chinese doctor and the discovery of a stone stele with the names of all participants who made an invaluable contribution to the continuation of traditions and the development of Bien Chue medicine.

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