Chinese Image Medicine – what is it?

Chinese Image Medicine (CIM), is a modern, innovative direction in the development of traditional Chinese medicine (ТCМ), but its roots grows to the most ancient, first medical school in history of TCM - "Bien Chue’s School", which was founded by great Chinese doctor Bien Chue (407-310 B.C.) IMG 4611 2
Professor Xu Mingtang is the creator of the modern direction of CIM, the founder and director of Medical Research Kundawell Institute in Beijing and Seattle.

In Chinese language Image Medicine is called 意象医学 (Yi Xiang Yi Xue), and here Yi means mind, consciousness, thought, Xiang – picture, image, Yi Xue - medicine.

In general, a word-combination " Yi Xiang Yi Xue" means, that this type of medicine, being based on image thinking, engages research and application of images for diagnostics, treatment and prophylaxis of the diseases. CIM uses the capabilities of mind and consciousnesses to operate the images.

Around every cell of the body there is a biofield. Images are the biomagnetic fields that our brain can perceive instantly. In CIM we use special methods to develop special sensitiveness of our hands and body, to develop the ability of internal vision. Every internal organ, part of the body, has its own image inside our brain. It allows to see where in the body there are violations on physical, energy and spiritual (informative) levels. It is even possible to see the reason of the disease, that sometimes can be outside of the body.
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Modern methods of diagnostics investigate a substance, but cannot show mutual relations between information, energy and substance.

The unicity and efficiency of Chinese Image Medicine is based on the diagnostics and treatment of diseases on these three levels, because they are closely connected to each other.

Treatment methods of CIM allows, while changing the image of the illnesses, to change the information, to regulate energy and physical constituents. When the body has correct information and enough energy, it can regenerate itself.

The aim of Chinese Image Medicine is to search and to remove the principal reason of the disease, rather than just to remove the symptoms. It uses individual approach to every patient, because every person is unique.

The experience of more than 26 years of researches and application of Chinese Image Medicine allows, in the number of the most effectively solved problems with the health, to name such as: chronic bronchitis, asthma, chronic prostatitis, chronic inflammation of kidneys, herniated discs, impotence, uterine myoma, ovarian cysts, male and female infertility, different types of chronical diseases of stomach and intestine, Crohn’s disease, diseases of eyes, hypertension, consequences of the heart attacks, etc.

In Kundawell Institute the researches of difficult and incurable diseases are held, such as: virus diseases, muscular dystrophy, different nervous diseases, diabetes, cancer diseases.

In Chinese Image Medicine the methods of researches and treatment of illnesses do not cause side effects, allow to provide early diagnostics, can be combine with other methods of treatment. CIM quickly conquers popularity in many countries of the world, especially in Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Moldova, Kazakhstan and other countries - former republics of the Soviet Union.

For now, Kundawell is the only Institute in the world, which provides training of professional image-therapists, which today already work in more than 50 countries of the world. Developing their abilities, they help patients to activate their own capacities for self-regulation.

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Such natural way gives the new understanding of the world in which we live and of our possibilities.

Translated by Zoya Ligvinska.

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