Zhong Yuan Qigong an ancient known qigong system – that is one of the most perspective directions of human development. The regular practice helps to increase life energy, increases immune system, as much as increases health level and lengthens the active life and youth, reveals the hidden reserves of the organism, acquires special abilities and resistance to stressful situations.
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Nowadays, Zhong Yuan Qigong conducts 1,2,3 and 4 level seminars. On each level of Zhong Yuan Qigong we teach preparation, basic and auxiliary exercises.

Studying on the 1st and 2nd levels give people complex methods and techniques of health, emotional state improvement, thought process and creativity stimulation. These level exercises practitioners learn to be in harmony with environment, find and use the reserved organism abilities.

The 1st level of Zhong Yuan Qigong is, as we know, focused on exercises that help to get to the relaxation state, improving the quality of our energy and opening blocked areas of body channels, restoring the right blood and Qi circulation, paying attention to the work with lower DanTian. The practice of the 1st level helps to tidy up our health, rise the immunity and to activate “sleeping” areas of the brain.

The 2nd level of Zhong Yuan Qigong contributes more rapid entry into quiet, deep relaxation state. Here we focus on work with middle DanTien (heart center), to transform energy into spiritual power. One of the goals of the 2nd level is to achieve the quite state of mind, the state of harmony and happiness. At this stage practitioners start to build the central channel ZhongMai (that gives the ability to go into other spheres of information, to understand other prospects of life).
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The 3rd level focuses on work with the upper DanTian. The main goal of this stage is to get into the Pause state. Almost each exercise is aimed to achieve the Pause state. On the 3rd level of Zhong Yuan Qigong is possible to get and learn how to use special abilities: intuition, 3rd eye vision, farsightedness, telepathy.

The learning of the 4th level gives the ability to understand and learn from every living being on the Earth – plants and animals.
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Master Xu Mingtang gives the seminars of 2nd, 3rd and 4th levels in Kundawell Institute. In addition, there are retreat sessions that help to master the studied materials.

ZYQ system is not connected with ideology, religion and politics. It is available to people of any age, profession, health level and it is being taught since 1991. The system covers all aspects of human existence: training, personal growth, health and healing, formulation and search for the answers of Eternal philosophical questions about Universe evolution, about place and role of a Human being as a part of the Universe.

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