Individualized Research Program

Individualized Research Programs emcompasses a long-term systematic study of the running course of a patient’s disease via observing, analyzing, monitoring and tracking the changes that occur.

This program's goal is to treat the root of the patient's illness;  the medical perspective and research approach is different from modern medical approaches. Modern medicine conduct research on a particular disease or medication and then publish scientific papers with statistics on their findings. In our program we first conduct a preliminary analysis on the patient's state of health, plan a suitable research program including the diagnosis of the causes of disease, analysis of effective  theraputic methods used during the treatment plan (Western medicine,  Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Image Medicine methods) to best restore the patient's health. The process of this research program includes daily diagnosis of the patient's condition to monitor changes in the running course of the disease and change treatment plan accordingly.  From a Western medicine point of view, if two patients have the same symptoms they may be diagnosed with the same disease however, from a Image Medicine perspective the same symptoms will have different diagnostic results.

Several leading experts of the Kundawell Institute and well-known doctors from other hospitals will participate in this individualized research program.

We recommend this program to individuals who have been suffering from chronic diseases with previously failed treatment plans, individualas who suffer from multiple disorders, and those who have not experienced effective treatment for their disorders.

If you like to apply for our Individualized Research Program, please send your application to: E-mail:

This program will work around your schedule.
Duration and cost of this program is patient specific.

Research results

Research results

Mrs. Xu (China), 55 years old. (Mrs. Xu is a participant in the individual research program at the Institute “Kundawell”) According to...
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