Rehabilitation and rest in Beijing. Wellness Program of medical research Kundawell Institute

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Wellness program in Kundawell is a wonderful possibility to improve your health and recover strength by the unique methods of Chinese Medicine, tested by centuries. Our joined command of specialists and workers will help you to make your stay here, in the space created by Master Xu Mingtang, maximally comfortable.

The aim of the program

The aim of the program is the improvement of quality of program’s participants life and research of the reasons and methods of recovery for different diseases.

We recommend to pass the program in the cases when your diagnosis cannot be set, but there are pains and changes of your well-being, and also when the long treatment does not bring a result.
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Wellness program consists of diagnostic and treatment by the methods of Chinese Image Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. The program is worked out and supervised by professor Xu Mingtang and is hold with the participation of the leading specialists of Kundawell Institute.

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List of problems that most effectively are solved by the methods of Chinese Image Medicine:

  • coronary heart disease
  • change of the state of myocardium after a heart attack
  • arterial hypertension
  • atherosclerosis
  • insufficient brain’s blood supply
  • different violations of the heart’s rhythm
  • chronic bronchitis, asthma and other ear, nose and throat diseases
  • chronic inflammation of prostate
  • chronic inflammation of kidneys
  • disc herniation in different departments of the spine
  • brief stop of breathing during a dream
  • impotence
  • inflammatory processes of genital organs
  • uterine myoma and ovarian cyst
  • male and female infertility
  • chronic diseases of stomach and bowel
  • Crohn’s disease
  • different diseases of eyes
  • hearing impairments
  • muscular dystrophy
  • hepatitis
  • different nervous diseases
  • gout
  • Parkinson’s disease

Entertainment program

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You’ll learn lots of interesting things about China’s capital and its citizens. Escorted by the representative of the institute you will go for walks to the interesting places of Beijing by day and in the evening. And as the Sunday gift from the Institute for all the guests will be a free excursion to the famous places of Celestial Empire.
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The program will last

The program will last 3 weeks.

To this wellness program we invite people, who suffers of different diseases regardless of their age.

For ZYQ practitioners we have 20% discount of program price. To get this discount you have to show your ZYQ Certificate.

Under the program are provided

  • Diagnostics of reason of the disease by the professor of Chinese Image-Medicine.
  • Course of wellness procedures, hold by Chinese Image Medicine specialists (19 days).
  • Examination by TCM specialist: diagnostics by a pulse, and then, according to the individual indications, advised procedures of tuina massage, acupuncture, jars, guasha, moxibustion.
  • Health gymnastics.
  • Evening Zhong Yuan Qigong meditations.
  • Lecture-practical lessons with recommendations concerning food, the way of life and methods of self-regulation.
  • Acquaintance with famous historical and cultural sights of Beijing.

The price of the wellness program

The price of the wellness program: 21000 Yuan.

For ZYQ practitioners – 16800 Yuan.

In the program’s price are included: diagnostics and treatment, payment for Kundawell Institute’s medicines for the program’s period, 3 meals a day, entertaining program at the weekend.

If the dates of your arrival in Beijing and departure date coincide with the dates of the beginning and the end of the program, a transfer with our driver from the airport and to the airport is free of charge. If the arrival and departure on other days - the payment of one transfer will be 300 yuan.

Charges on a residence: a double room in Beijing (residence inside Kundawell Institute) - 200 yuan per a day. If there will be free rooms it is possible to get a single room (the room for one person) (400 yuan per a day).

Budgetary variant: residence in a hotel “Botai” - 210 yuan per a day for a room. In a room is possible single and double placement.
You also can independently choose any hotel for your staying in Beijing.

Airflight, visa and residence, payment of the medicines which you will need after the program are made at your own expense and are not included in the price of the wellness program.

The benefits of the program

  • Rational time-management of participants.
  • Providing the complete package of services: diagnostics, effective wellness procedures, profile teaching (lectures, gymnastics, meditations), food, entertaining and cultural program in Beijing.
  • Program price is 3-4 times lower comparing to the personal research program in Kundawell Institute.

Registration of the participants

Registration of the participants:
The places in the program are limited – 10 persons in one group maximum.
The final registration to the group will take place after we get your tickets.

Additional information:

Translated by Zoya Ligvinska

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