i akimova 20180224 1At the end of April 2019, will be holding a seminar on Chinese image medicine in the ancient monastery of St. Francis (South Corsica, France). The 3rd level image therapist with the right to teach will conduct classes, the basics of Chinese Image Medicine with Tatiana Akimova.

About the teacher

Tatiana Akimova has been studying Chinese image medicine for 20 years and has been using it in her clinical practice since 1998. She participated in all International Conferences on Chinese Image Medicine, made presentations at 8 of them, promoting the popularization of CIM in China and abroad. She is a member of the Board of Directors of Zen Medicine at the Shaolin Temple. (Here is a post about it on Facebook-Kundawell).

A target audience of the seminar

Specialists of various massage techniques, specialists of alternative and traditional medicine, bioenergy therapists, Reiki specialists, healers of various areas and systems, experts in the field of osteopathy, rehabilitation, other wellness techniques and also people studying and practicing Chinese Image Medicine.

Seminar program

Theoretical part
  • What is Chinese Image Medicine? Historical roots and modern direction.
  • What is an image? On the origin of the universe. Model of the universe, a human life model.
  • Components of CIM: physical CIM, energy CIM, informational CIM, generalizing CIM. Short review.
  • Model of diseases, treatment model.
  • The first introductory information about the methods of diagnosis in Chinese image medicine.
Energy medicine
  • Cardiovascular diseases, cardiac regeneration, recovery after the heart attack and stroke.
  • Diabetes.
  • Asthma.
  • Genitourinary system, female diseases.
  • Spinal problems, intervertebral hernia.
  • Other.
Exercises for the development of abilities
  • During the seminar, participants will familiarize themselves with and will perform special exercises that develop special abilities for diagnosing and healing using the methods of Chinese Image Medicine.


Monastery of Saint Francis, South Corsica, France.

Workshop language

Teaching will be in Russian, with a translation into French.


Date: 25 -27 April 2019.
Time: from 9:00 to 18:00.
Classes will be held for 8 hours a day with a lunch break.


Pre-registration for the seminar is required! 

To register, you must send a request to the e-mail: akita59@mail.ru, in which you need to specify:
  • Full name;
  • Completed levels on ZYQ;
  • Participation in CIM seminars (date, place);
  • Your city;
  • E-mail.
The deadline for registration is February 28th, 2019. It is advisable to decide in advance on the participation in the seminar since this is connected with some organizational issues.


Participation fee - 200 euros.

For registration of participation required advance payment of 50 euros for each participant (to reserve a place). Payment is carried out in euros. Payment must be made within 5 business days or provide the invoice receipt. In case of a participant’s refusal from events, the prepayment is not refundable. For prepayment, please call +373 6 0 222 688 (Oleg). After the prepayment, you will need to send a scanned copy or photo of the receipt to the e-mail: akita59@mail.ru


By car, you can ferry from Italy: Livorno - Bastia, then take the highway to the destination; or from France: Nice / Toulon / Marseille - Ajaccio, and then on the highway.

Who chooses air transport, you must arrive at Ajaccio Airport on April 24th. From this place will be organized transportation to the Vico city.

For those who wish to come earlier, or stay longer, who are interested in local tourist attractions, gastronomic tours, tastings of local wines, etc., please inform the organizers in advance, you will be offered options for tours and their cost. Corsica is rich in traditions and picturesque nature reserves.


The monastery of St. Francis offers accommodation with meals.
Cost: half-pension - 40 euros per day, full pension - 55 euros per day. The ability to accommodate 2 or more people in the room.
The limited number of seats. If necessary, it is possible to reserve a hotel in Vico city.

Contact Information

Phone: +373 6 0 222 688 (Oleg)
Е-mail: akita59@mail.ru

Recommendations for participants

At the seminar we recommend to take:
  • Warm clothes in case of cool weather;
  • clothes for home and for all kinds of practices (free on movements);
  • soft warm slippers or socks, removable shoes, a rug;
  • exercise books and pens for classes (required!).

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