“Chinese Image Medicine Association of Ukraine”

We gladly invite for the productive cooperation
• All image-therapists and those who practice Zhong Yuan Qigong.
• All clubs, centers, organizations, which use Chinese Image Medicine (CIM) and Zhong Yuan Qigong (ZYQ).
• Teaching, scientific and researching organizations.
• International partners.
• Sponsors.

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“CIM Association of Ukraine” is registered to create conditions for learning, practicing and developing of the Chinese Image Medicine, compliance with the international rules and standards of image-therapists’ work, and also for maintenance and development of original methods and traditions of Chinese Image Medicine. We know that only by joining our forces, we will build the fundament for CIM development.

Contacts: cima.org.ua

Organization works on the following principles

  • Voluntary;
  • Self-government;
  • Free choice of the territory for the activities;
  • Equality before the law;
  • Absence of the property interests (from the participants’ side);
  • Transparency, openness and publicity.

Main activities of The Association

  • Connection and informational support for the currently working image-therapists.
  • Popularization of CIM.
  • Legalization of the method and creating conditions for free activities of the image-therapists in Ukraine.
  • Creation of the knowledge database, accumulating the results of the researches in CIM with the possibility of using this database by the members of the Association.
  • Teaching, upgrading, creating conditions for communication between image-therapists
  • Holding forums, conferences, seminars in Ukraine, creating the methodological literature and releasing publications.
  • Monitoring compliance with the international CIM standards in Ukraine.
  • International cooperation in CIM field.

The membership

To become the member of the Association is possible for both Ukrainian citizens and the foreigners, who had reached the age of 18 y.o. For businesses, the cooperation is provided as: partner, sponsor, informational sponsor.

To become the member of the Association you need to

  1. Consult the Statute of the organization and the Statute of the Association concerning the entrance and membership fees: Statute, Contributions Statute.
  2. To fulfill the electronic application: Registration Form.
  3. After getting the confirmation from the Association that your application was accepted, during next 1 month you have to pay the entry payment and to provide the following documents: written application with your sign, 2 photos, the copies of your passport and your IC, the copies of all your certificates and diplomas concerning your studying in different CIM and ZYQ teaching programs.
  4. After providing the documents and paying the membership fee, the Association sends you the written confirmation that you had been accepted as a member of the PO “CIM Association of Ukraine”.
  5. Mandatory for all the members of the Association are: implementation of the provisions of the Association Statute, implementation of the current regional legislation, implementation of international rules and standards of CIM specialists’ work.

The members of the Association will have the following opportunities

  • To develop CIM and to carry out their activities on behalf of the Association, guided by its Statute.
  • To take part in the annual meetings and programs of the Association.
  • To attend teaching programs, upgrading courses, forums, conferences of the Association.
  • To take part in the researching programs of the Association.
  • To take part in the international projects of the Association.
  • To get the informational and consultative support from the Association.
  • The access to the knowledge database and researches of the Association.
  • Possibility of using the site of the Association cima.org.ua - placing personal information in the personal profile, publishing articles and schedule. Your participation on the site is provided in statuses of: user, image-therapist (level) CIM instructor, CIM researcher.
  • Getting the certificate of the member of the Association, for a one-year period, with the possibility of annual extension.


On the participation, please, connect the local representatives of the Association: cima.org.ua/en/contacts
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Translated by Zoya Ligvinska.

The upcoming events of the Association

• Starting of the site cima.org.ua
• October, 2017 – The First All-Ukrainian Forum in Chines Image Medicine and Zhong Yuan Qigong.
• Presentation of the Association and Chinese Image Medicine lectures in Ukraine: Dnipro, Kyiv, Odesa, Ternopil, Kharkiv.

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