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November 14 and 15, 2019 in Chelyabinsk (Russia), at the Ural State University physical education was held All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference "Improving physical education, recreation, and tourism in the implementation of Health for the Nation program”.

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According to the press service of the Ural State University of Physical Culture and the Ministry of Physical culture and sports in the Chelyabinsk region, Russian Federation, the participants of the conference were more than two hundred industry experts of physical education, sports and tourism, including employees of scientific laboratories and various medical institutions university teachers and highly qualified modern specialists of health care practices.

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The honorary guest of the All-Russian Conference became the founder of the modern direction of Chinese Image Medicine, Deputy Chairman of the World Academic Qigong Medical Society, Director of Beijing Medical Research Institute Kundawell, Grandmaster Xu Mingtang.

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The program of events included: a plenary session with presentations, work of sections on a healthy lifestyle and methods of healthcare, travel services, master classes in yoga, massage, bioresonance technology, Chinese medicine, held exhibitions of innovative wellness technology and thematic bookstores.

Conference geography - 29 regions of Russia, who took both full-time and part-time participation, including representatives of such remote regions like Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. With reports and presentations of workshops scientists from Moscow and St. Petersburg spoke, Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Saratov, and other cities.

Guest of honor of the All-Russian scientific and practical conference, Grandmaster Xu Mingtang made a presentation, where he talked about the difference between eastern medicine from western on the example of one of the cases in his clinical practice. He also gave several workshops and met with conference participants, read the lecture and conducted a meditation for students and teachers of the Department of Theory and Methodology wellness technologies and physical culture of the East with which he collaborates for over 20 years.

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Recall that in 1998 at the Department of Gymnastics Ural State University physical education opened a specialization of physical culture of the East, where one of the first teachers was the president of Chinese Association Zhong Yuan Qigong, Grandmaster Xu Mingtang.

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In 2003, specialization in physical education of the East, showing its vitality and opportunity to enhance professional qualities of specialists, has become an independent structure - Department of Theory and Methods wellness technologies and physical culture of the East. This event was made possible by initiative and with the most active participation of the assistant professor, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Head of the Center noospheric education and health of the Ural State University of Physical Culture, Valentina Mikhailovna Mironova.

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Using the ancient knowledge of the traditions of the East, which is based on the synthesis of gymnastic, breathing exercises, massage and medical practices, graduates of this department carry out health, educational, scientific programs, working in sports schools, health centers, medical institutions, fitness clubs and, thus, actively participate in the evolutionary development and recovery of the population.

Over the past five years , the number of graduates of the Department of Physical Culture of the East of full-time and correspondence departments has been about 190 people, of which 21 are graduate students, about 83 people have undergone professional retraining under the program of "Oriental Wellness Technologies in the System of Physical Culture and Sports".

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During and after the conference all practitioners of Zhong Yuan Qigong had the opportunity to visit the fourth level, which took place from November 14 to November 16 of this year in the Palace of Culture of Chelyabinsk metallurgical plant. To practice with Grandmaster Xu Mingtang came more than 600 people.

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By posts and comments on social VKontakte and Facebook networks, it can be noted that the arrival of the Master was a long-awaited and significant event not only for practitioners of Chelyabinsk but also for the qigong community and image therapists around the world.

  • “On this visit, in addition to participating in the conference, Xu Mingtang gave the 4th level for the trained participants. Now I have his autograph in my qigong textbook and this will be a source of inspiration for my practice…" (Victoria Sennikova).
  • “Gratitude pours out of my heart for a unique opportunity to touch to the secrets of qigong ... Thank you ... My childhood dream came true..." (Ruslan Vagapov).
  • “... So many interesting and useful things, each speaker gave a lot of useful information and desire to translate it into your life and the life of others. Probably the most anticipated was the arrival of Grandmasters Xu Mingtang. His performance is another confirmation that energy exists and you need to work with it, restore and upgrade..." (Ekaterina Shelyapina).
  • “When in 2016 began to practice qigong..., I didn’t even dream about such opportunities - about training at this level with the Grandmaster himself. But, the road opens under the walking feet. And now - Great day, Great man and we are with him..." (Natalia Kuznetsova).
  • “... the session at the department ended Wellness technology of the East. Our inconvenience was not in vain. For the good of your Health..., for prevention and disease prevention... Thanks again. In the photo, our wonderful group, in the center are two truly great people: scientific and spiritual mentor Mironova Valentina Mikhailovna - Head of the Department of Wellness Eastern technologies and one of the founders Chairman, Director of the Kundawell Institute - Xu Mingtang..." (Alexander Skorobogatov).
  • “So the All-Russian Conference has ended "The health of the nation". Grandmaster Xu Mingtang flew away, leaving in his heart love, faith and the cosmic flow of knowledge. Six hundred people from different cities and countries created on the same wavelength clean, beautiful and healthy land. Bon voyage to all..." (Nadezhda Samodelkina).

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