From November 30 to December 1, 2019, Institute Kundawell hosted an intensive seminar on teaching the use of Chinese Image medicine methods and pulse diagnostics of Dr. Bien Chue in clinical practice.

Workshop program

  • An open lesson and practical exercises with Professor Xu Mingtang. The topic of the lesson: "Analysis of the mechanism of application the Chinese Image medicine in clinical practice".

  • i seminar 20191130 6i seminar 20191130 8
  • Lecture and practical lesson with a first-level image therapist, Professor Olga Markovna Smirnova. The topic of the lesson: "The use of CIM methods for urolithiasis".

  • i seminar 20191130 7
  • Practical training with a specialist in the research department of the Institute Kundawell, Yang Guang. The topic of the lesson: "The use of Image medicine for the stagnation of venous blood in the cervical spine and for infections of the genitourinary tract".

  • i seminar 20191130 9
  • Lectures and practical exercises with the specialist of the research department of the Institute Kundawell, Li Chenming. The theme of the lesson: "The use of Image medicine in the treatment of hypertension".

  • i seminar 20191130 2i seminar 20191130 3
  • Other classes with image therapists and Kundawell Institute specialists on topics: "One of the methods of Chinese image medicine is the method of awakening, in the treatment of prostate adenoma", "The use of image medicine techniques for massage", "Combining the methods of acupuncture and Chinese image medicine".

    i seminar 20191130 10


What do Chinese experts think about image medicine?

Professor Sun Yongzhan, Head of the International Department of the All-China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I took an active part in organizing events on Chinese Image medicine and pulse diagnostics of Dr. Bien Chue in China. It was about four years after Master Xu Mintang returned to his homeland. In fact, thanks to this, an understanding came to me that the basis of everything is image thinking.

I want to remind you that the great Chinese scientist Qian Xuesen, once mentioned the "ancient method of Chinese medicine" - a method that works the same as the Chinese image medicine of Professor Xu Mingtang.

0002Xiao Kong.

I remember my first meeting in 2009 with Professor Sun Yongzhan. Then he still did not believe in the healing abilities of the methods that Master Xu Mingtang speaks of. And then one of the foreign students who had just completed training at the Institute Kundawell diagnosed him, and the diagnosis coincided with the medical report of a recent examination ...

0003Qi Xianghua, vice chairman and general secretary of the Professional Committee on Pulse Diagnostics of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine.

Chinese Image medicine is actually a very important part of Traditional Chinese culture. I pay attention to things like medicine because I study everything related to the pulse. Much has been said about this in Traditional Chinese medicine. But now in the classes of Chinese medicine at colleges and universities they give more theory, which is poorly supported by practice.

Chinese Image medicine is multidimensional. The physical component of the disease can now be cured by most Western hospitals. Traditional Chinese medicine achieves good results at the energy level. And only Chinese Image medicine works with information. The studies of Professor Xu Mingtang just fill such a medical gap, not only carry out diagnostics at the information level but also change information, the image in the human body.

0002Professor Huang Minda, Director of the Center for Scientific and Technical Cooperation of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences of China.

I have a deeper understanding of Chinese Image Medicine. What is the core value of our Chinese medicine? The main value is the following: we increase the standard of living ... Traditional Chinese medicine has absorbed all the information based on the natural laws of human life - life between heaven and earth ... And Chinese Image medicine even more clearly reflects the characteristics of traditional Chinese culture and traditional Chinese medicine. After all, this is the accumulated wisdom of ancient people, which can be put into practice in our time.

Today we are studying Chinese Image medicine and pulse diagnostics of Bien Chue, not only at the medical level but also at the Tao level. Professor Xu Mingtang clearly demonstrates the depth of the ancient wellness system. Through the perception of the image of the pulse, we can deeply understand the process of pulse diagnosis itself, which is a deep intangible cultural heritage left by our ancestors.

0003Professor Wang Yanping, Director, International Training Department, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Department of Acupuncture and Massage.

After the workshop, I realized that in my clinical practice, I do not use image thinking enough. I work the way I was taught at school and at college. Yes, and the "Canon of the Yellow Emperor" I did not learn, I did not know.

I met Xu Mingtang in 2011. He came to us to give a lecture. And now I'm learning from him. Professor Xu Mingtang helps us learn about ancient knowledge, and I am grateful that he teaches this everyone and spreads this knowledge both at home and abroad. I greatly appreciate this opportunity to spread the methods of Chinese medicine all over the world ...

0002Director of General Surgery, Beijing Hospital, Mr. Zhou Xinping.

I’ve been working in a Western medicine hospital for 20 years. We met Professor Xu Mingtang through Chinese Image Medicine. These ancient methods of treatment removed diseases that Western medicine could not cure. And I’m sure that the results of such treatment amaze our Western colleagues - the same “operation”, but the result from it is different. Later I learned from Professor Xu Mingtang that the presence of a “wrong image” and bad energy indicates the presence of a disease in the human body.

And today I came to Kundawell to understand more about the methods of Chinese Image Medicine. Since the human body is a very complex structure, and life is even more complicated, it is not always possible to solve health problems through the prism of Western medicine. With the help of Image medicine, Professor Xu Mingtang opens up new horizons in the treatment of diseases. I hope to learn something from the professor, and thus apply these methods in my clinical practice.

i seminar 20191130 4

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