Kuznetsova Flura (Russia)

i flyura

Professor of Chinese Image Medicine, Image therapist of level 1.

Flyura was born in Russia, Pervouralsk city. Education - the financier. Since 2000 she participated in retreats at the Shaolin monastery. Attended all retreats and seminars on Image Medicine and Zhong Yuan Qigong. In 2008, she was trained on the first 2-month seminar on Image Medicine at Institute "Kundawell". She is one of the first personal students of Master Xu Mingtang.

First time she met Master in 1991, when he arrived in Yekaterinburg with the first seminar on Zhong Yuan Qigong. Since that time Flyura took a great interest in culture and philosophy of China, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Image Medicine, Chinese philosophy, Taoism, Buddhism, ancient Chinese health methods. She explored how develop the ability, how improve the perception. She was engaged in spiritual self-improvement. She studied philosophy of Lao Tzu, modern medicine, the basic theory of quantum mechanics, nuclear physics and information medicine to improve her knowledge and skills.
IMG 9538Flyura used methods of Image Medicine for a long time in order to restore the health of patients from different countries. She got good results in the study of such diseases as postinfarction state, viral diseases, cancer, diseases of the nervous system, central nervous system, skeletal system.

At Institute "Kundawell" Flyura gives a lectures on Image Medicine for students from several countries, carry out the individual research under the guidance of Professor Xu Mingtang.
IMG 2322From June 2010 – she is a Professor of Image Medicine at Beijing and American Institute "Kundawell".
Flyura says: "In spite of the fact that I have extensive experience in the Image Medicine, I still need to continue to develop myself, my abilities, deeply study and explore life, to gain the experience. I need the constant practice, constant study. I want to share my experience with as many students as possible, in order to they can get rid of the disease many people, can help people to improve their health. This is my mission, my goal"
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References from Kundawell guests.

"... Flyura Gaysarovna, I am very grateful to you. During my recovery process I felt as if I was flying. It was nice. Thank you very much..." (the text is translated and adapted).
IMG 5191 3"... Thank you very much, Flyura. It is my first time to be diagnosed and treated by a foreign expert. It was a new and unusual, and nevertheless, a very nice experience. I am grateful to Kundawell Institute and to you, Flyura..." (translated and adapted).

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