December 21, 2020, the beginning of the online program: "Strengthening the lungs and immunity. COVID, recovery"

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December 21, 2020, the beginning of the online program:



"Strengthening the lungs and immunity. COVID, recovery".

⚪️ From December 21, 2020.

⚪️ Duration of the program 2 weeks.


✔️ Monday-Friday
✔️ 5 days a week,
✔️ 45 minutes of online healing during the day.


✔️ Participation cost:
✔️ 1 week - 500 RMB (64 euros, 5 800 rubles, 2 100 UAH, 75 USD).
✔️ 2 weeks: 120 euros, 150 USD.
You can join for 1 or 2 weeks of the program.
Payment weekly or for the whole program.


🗣 This is the use of special video "images", created by the idea and under the guidance of prof. Xu Mingtang to regulate and restore impaired body functions.
🗣 The author's method of Xu Mingtang is based on his personal experience of treatment with the methods of Image Medicine.
🗣 In the program Image-Medicine online "images" are used for the holistic restoration of human health at three levels: body, energy, information (soul, mind, consciousness, information).

🟢 Conducted by Xu Mingtang Grand Master of Qigong, Professor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, author of the Image Medicine method and head of the Zhong Yuan Qigong School (


Pay for the program and send a payment order to Watsapp: +79172340177 Elvina.

👉 Payment to account: Name of Beneficiary: BEIJING KUNDAWELL MEDICAL INSTITUTE. Account No: 11001007400053003141 CHINA CONSTRUCTION BANK.
👉 If you have any difficulties with payment write to the mail:,; WhatsApp : +79172340177, +380956988429.

⚪️ Organizer of the program: Beijing Medical Research Institute Kundawell.

⚪️ Informational support of the MINGTANG International Charitable Foundation.

If you receive a significant effect from participation in the online program, please make a significant contribution to the construction of the Biguan Cultural Center.

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