Qi Workshop - Everything about Qi and Energy Transformation

New Online Seminar by Grand Master Xu Mingtang.

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Qi (Ki, Prana) – a vital force or energy that is fundamental for existence of Life in the Universe. Ancient Spiritual Masters and Practitioners have described it, modern science is exploring it.
Take your chance to learn with Xu Mingtang, one of the best known Qigong Masters in the world.

Workshop schedule:

  • March 9 – 15, daily lectures and practice
  • Lectures and practice given daily for 2 hours a day, 7 days in a row.
  • Monday – Friday 7pm – 9pm (GMT +3)
  • Saturday and Sunday 9am – 11am (GMT +3)
The Workshop will cover following subjects:
Model of Life and three types of Qi.
Disease-caused change of Qi. Is it possible to restore original Qi?
Mind training in order to govern Qi.

Fog Qi (雾气 - Wu Qi)
This kind of energy governs our health and longevity.
Healthy Qi is white and solid. Sick Qi is dark and grey.
Why does Qi deteriorate and how to keep one’s Qi healthy?
Methods of regeneration of Fog Qi.

Light Qi. (光气 - Guang Qi)
How Light energy influences one’s body, emotions and success?
Bright, strong and colorful Light Qi brings health, happiness and fulfillment.

Transcendental Qi.(灵气 - Ling Qi)
Form of energy that fills the emptiness of the Universe. Impossible to see, but we can use and develop it.

Food Qi transformation
How can we receive energy from food and without food.
Using energy of Universe to transform it into material stuff necessary for human body.
Can we live without food or eat very little? What is the connection between Universal Qi nutrition and health and longevity?
Enjoying food makes gut bacteria happy. Feeling of cleanliness and emptiness makes our Spirit happy,
Practice of transforming Qi into food as a way to longevity.

Transformation of Spirit Qi (神 -Shen):
How can we transform Light Qi into Spirit?
How can we use our Spirit to receive Fog Qi, Light Qi and Transcendental Qi?
Practice of receiving Light Qi of the Universe, Sun and Moon.

Change the form of Qi
Expansion and concentration of Qi.
Expansion creates Qi, concentration creates Form.
Practice of Inner Fire.

In order to participate:

Donations starting with 80 EUR (95 USD, 628 Yuan)


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Account No: 11001007400053003141
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email: elvina@kundawell.com

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Registration after payment:
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Organizer: Beijing “Kundawell” Medical Research Institute
Co-organizers: Zhong Yuan Qigong and Chinese Image Medicine Associations and Centers all over the world.

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