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Taught by Qigong Grand Master Xu Mingtang

19:00 – 21:00 (Moscow time, GMT +3)
17:00 – 19:00 (CET, GMT +1)
9:00 – 11:00 (Moscow time, GMT +3)
7:00 – 9:00 (CET, GMT +1)

Languages: English and Russian in Zoom and YouTube
Hungarian, Slovak and German translations in Zoom

Zhong Yuan Qigong offers step by step learning, and the whole system can be divided into 5 levels or 5 stages of ascent. The development of practitioner in ZYQ can be seen as a staircase where each stair is a stage of development and an achievement in self-cultivation.

Level 1 – Relaxation. The relaxed state should be achieved both in meditation and in daily life.

Level 2 – Quietness. Here the practitioner should be able to quiet their mind and emotions, “switch them off”, and change them into state of zero or emptiness.

Level 3 – Pause. After accomplishing stages of relaxation and quietness, the practitioner is able to transform them into the Absolute or “Pause”. This stage offers the key to mastering secrets of Great Dao or Emptiness.
Third Stage of ascent opens new possibilities of body-management, and helps to activate sensory abilities connected with upper Dantian. It also helps to transform the consciousness and Spirit. In this level many outdated programs of mind and unconsciousness can be released, and the practitioner is able to access the next level of self-cultivation.

Level 4 – Wisdom. Fourth Stage of ascent gives the practitioner some additional instruments for researching his own Life, as well as other forms of Life and this world. Interaction between lives, deeper understanding of time, space and the Universe are the main topics for Level 4.

Level 5 – Truth. Objective Universal Truth can be compared to scientific discovery. As the discovery is made, everything falls into place. Ancient Masters called it Enlightenment. That is why Teacher Xu Mingtang says that Qigong is a Simple Science of Life.

The aim of the Teacher is to show shortcut.

The prospective participants:
1. Have been practicing Level 1 and Level 2 (at least 2 months after first participation in Level 2 seminar have passed).
2. Have made a donation of 100 EUR or more (118 USD or more) to Biguan center.
3. Have registered for the Seminar.

After registration participants receive confirmation on payment and a link to Telegram group.
Registration and payment: https://zyq108.online/

Same as in previous seminars (payment + registration).
Step 1: Donation through websites (please take notes on payment ID, account number, payment date):
Representatives of Mingtang Foundation or co-organizers.
Step 2: registration in Zoom (only for participants choosing ordinary registration)

Organizer: Beijing Kundawell Medical Research Institute.
Co-organizers: ZYQ and CIM Associations and Centers all over the world.

Donations received for this seminar will be used for construction of Biguan Center.
Questions? Please contact us at: Zyq2021info@gmail.com


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