June 13 - 24, 2021 Online program for recovery of eyes’ function and eyesight with methods of Chinese Image Medicine lead by the founder of the method prof. Xu Mingtang

🙂 We invite you to participate in healing with Xu Mingtang.

👁 Eyes and Eyesight

🙋 Online program for recovery of eyes’ function and eyesight with methods of Chinese Image Medicine lead by the founder of the method prof. Xu Mingtang.
🗣 The program aims to improve health of eyes and eyesight, recovery of blood circulation, vessels, eyes’ nerves and the brain with the help of Image Medicine methods online.

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🙋 There will be 10 days of healing altogether, session will take 1 hour a day.
Online Image Therapy sessions 1 hour a day
Length: 10 days
Lead by: Qigong Grandmaster, TCM professor Xu Mingtang

Image Medicine is a contemporary dynamically developing direction of healing and prophylactics of diseases. Image Medicine is an independent direction and it includes diagnostics, prophylactics and healing of various diseases.
Image Medicine is a contemporary approach to Traditional Chinese Medicine based on Qi energy work, images and mind – methods verified by Qigong Grandmaster Xu Mingtang. The methods give instant results changing human body, energy and information. Method is based on potential abilities of consciousness and energy to heal oneself and others from the disease with the help of Images (hence, the name of the method Image Medicine). This direction is successfully developing all over the world for more than 30 years now.
XU MINGTANG is a Qigong Grandmaster, professor of TCM, founder of Kundawell Beijing Medical Research Institute, a world-known specialist, lecturer and researcher.

👁 THE PROGRAM IS RECOMMENDED if you have at least one of the following symptoms:
Spending long hours in front of screens
Dropping eyesight
Eyes feel tired quickly
Often redness of eyes
After virus the eyesight and memory got worse
Eyesight got worse lately
Shortsightedness and eyesight is getting worse
Farsightedness and age-related dropping of eyesight
Any other problems with eyes, and you wish not only to stop the development of the disease but also to improve eyes function and recover eyesight.

👁 Eyes and Eyesight program is your unique chance to:
🗣 Participate in healing program lead by founder of the method
🗣 Find out what stands behind eyes condition and function from Image Medicine point of view
🗣 Understand how eyesight is related to energy level.
🗣 Master eyesight recovery methods

June 13 (Sun) 4 – 5 PM
June 14 (Mon) 7 – 8 PM
June 15 (Tue) 7 – 8 PM
June 16 (Wed) 7 – 8 PM
June 17 (Thu) 7 – 8 PM
Break on June 18 and 19
June 20 (Sun) 4 – 5 PM
June 21 (Mon) 7 – 8 PM
June 22 (Tue) 7 – 8 PM
June 23 (Wed) 7 – 8 PM
June 24 (Thu) 7 – 8 PM

Participation: Charity donation from 1000 RMB or 158 USD, or 128 EUR, or more for building of Biguan International Cultural Center.

Same as in before (payment + registration).
Step 1: Donation through websites (please take notes on payment ID, account number, payment date):
Please send the payment to Elvina in Whatsapp +79172340177, email: zyq2021info@gmail.com

You can also pay to representatives of Mingtang Foundation in your country or co-organizers.
For payments in EURO
You can transfer Donation to:
Receiver: Slovenska Asociacia ZYQ
IBAN: SK86 1100 0000 0029 4709 9516
SWIFT: Tatra banka, a.s.
Address of the bank: Tatra banka, a.s. Hodzovo namestie 3, Bratislava

If you receive a significant effect from participation in online program, please make a substantial donation for building of Biguan Cultural Centre (https://biguan.center/).

🙂 Organizer: Beijing Kundawell Medical Research Institute.
🙂 Co-organizers: ZYQ and CIM Associations and Centers all over the world.
🙂 Information support: International Charity Foundation Mingtang

🙋 Questions? Please write us: zyq2021info@gmail.com

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