August 9 - 28, 2021 Online Program "3 BOILERS AND LADDER INTO THE SKY" with Elvina Seppola

Dear friends😊

We invite everyone to join 21 days of online qigong classes with Elvina Seppola.


Duration: 3 weeks.
Classes 2 times a day, morning and evening.

😍 This program is for those who have attended Zhong Yuan Qigong training seminars and want to:

- activate your internal energy,

- upgrade your channels of perception,

- balance body, energy and spirit,

- practice to open the central channel,

- become strong like a tornado.


⏰ class time (Moscow time / Ukrainian):
morning 08: 00-09: 00,
evening 20:00 -21: 00.

August 9-14 (Mon-Sat)
Morning: preparational exercises and practice "Big Tree" 1 level ZYQ.
Evening: Practice Refine qi in the lower dantian, practice of Chanzuo.

August 15 (Sun) day off.

August 16-21 (Mon-Sat)
Morning: preparational exercises and the practice of "Big Tree", level 2 ZYQ.
Evening: Practice Refine shen in the middle dantian, practice of Chanzuo.

August 22 (Sun) day off.

23-28 August (Mon-Sat)
Morning: preparational exercises and the practice of "Big Tree", level 3 ZYQ.
Evening: Practice Refining in the upper dantian, practice of Chanzuo.

Classes will be held online in Zoom, YouTube, there will definitely be records of all classes.

Conducts the program Elvin Seppola - qigong instructor, image therapist, employee of the Beijing Institute "KUNDAWELL".


1. make a charitable contribution for the construction of the center from 8000 rubles (90 euros, 108 usd, 2880 UAH).

Donate payment on sites: or

2.send donation payment order
in WhatsApp ☎️: +79172340177,

💸 All contributions from participants will go towards the construction of the Biguan Center.

💎 Intensive organizer: KUNDAWELL Institute.

😍 The Biguan Project Team would like to thank Elvina and KUNDAWELL for their help in raising funds 🧧 for the construction of the Biguan Center.

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