September 1 - 30, 2021 online qigong practice course "Youth, Energy, Longevity" with Elvina Seppola

Registration for the online qigong practice course "Youth, Energy, Longevity" is open!

LANGUAGES: Russian, English

TAUGHT BY: Elvina Seppola

ORGANIZERS: Beijing Medical Institute "Kundawell"

WORKSHOP SCHEDULE: 1-30 September 2021

August 31 (Tue) 13:00 - 14:00 open lecture about qigong practice "Youth, Energy, Longevity"
Watch the lecture online:

September 1 - 30
5 days from Monday to Friday qigong practice (Ukrainian time)
07:00 - 07:30 am 30 minutes practice "BiGuShiCi"
21:15 -22: 00 evening 45 minutes practice "Body breathing"

THE PROSPECTIVE PARTICIPANTS: charitable contribution for the construction of the center from 80 euros


The program is intended for those who want to activate the ability to receive more vital Qi energy from the outside and learn how to use their energy for health, rejuvenation and development.

Receiving more new energy - a person renews, strengthens and improves the quality of his energy and this is what triggers the process of changes in the human body and soul.

Bigushiqi and body breathing are obligatory practices for spiritual development, helping to get the opportunity to use qi to turn on the channels of perception of the soul and intuition. These are the main tools for preserving youth and achieving longevity and immortality in the ancient texts of the practitioners of the east.
The practice of Bigushiqi helps to increase the level of one's vital energy, use less food and depend on it, and even live without food.

The practice of "Body breathing " is needed to enhance the energy of light in the body and at the physical level it strengthens the immune system, improves the condition and function of internal organs, awakens dormant cells of the entire body, allows you to completely rejuvenate and heal your body.

Early morning awakenings and regular Qigong classes are also waiting for you!

Who conducts the program?
✋ Elvina Seppola - young specialist, qigong instructor, image therapist of the Beijing Medical Institute "Kundawell".

HOW TO JOIN: by the link: 🇬🇧

After payment, a link to the group of program participants in Telegram will be sent to the mail you specified, in which the program materials, links to broadcasts will be posted and questions will be answered.
Classes will be held online in Zoom and Youtube, and there will be records of all classes

This is your chance to become younger, more energetic and even become immortal!

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