September 12 - 18, 2021 Online seminar 1 level Zhong Yuan Qigong - basic training qigong seminar for beginners with Sergey Rubanenko

DATE: 12-18.09.2021


ORGANIZERS: Beijing Medical Institute "Kundawell"

CONDUCTED BY: Sergey Rubanenko

LANGUAGES: Russian, English

DURATION: 7 days

THE PROSPECTIVE PARTICIPANTS: charitable contribution for the construction of the center from 50 euros


7 days, 2 hours every day.

September 12 (Sun) 10:00 - 12:00 (+3 GMT) - lecture about qigong and the first open lesson.

September 13 - 18 (Mon-Sat) 19:00-21:00 (+3 GMT) - seminar.

Watch the free lecture on September,12 online in zoom and YouTube by the links:


50% theory and 50% practice

Main topics:

  • Basic concepts and principles of Qigong.
  • Objectives of Qigong Practice and Meditation.
  • What is Qi Energy (Qi)
  • On the types of energy: qi of fog, qi of light, transcendental qi.
  • Life Model.
  • Acquaintance with the concepts: Jing, Qi, Shen, Yin-Yang, Tao and Emptiness.
  • Goals and objectives of the basic workshop.
  • Consistency in qigong practice.
  • About the levels of development in qigong.
  • About the development of the spirit and its levels.

The main practices studied in the workshop:

  • Opening channels on fingers and toes.
  • 4 preparatory qigong exercises.
  • 3 main exercises: Big tree; Energy Transformation (Yang Qi), Microcosmic orbit.
Supporting methods and exercises:

  • methods of cleansing bad energy;
  • methods of receiving and emitting energy;
  • breathing through the points Laogong, Yunquan, Baihui;
  • qigong practice while walking;
  • qigong practice while sleeping;
Overview of Chinese Image Medicine and its practical methods:

  • What is Image and Image Treatment (Image-therapy)?
  • Hands diagnostics - learning to perceive energy with hands.
  • 4 methods of treatment with hands.
Some methods of self-regulation of health:

  • normalization of blood pressure;
  • restoration of five dense organs - kidney, liver, heart, spleen, lungs.
End of the workshop:

  • a brief overview of all the exercises completed;
  • four factors of success in practice;
  • how to continue to practice independently and how to combine qigong practice with daily life;
  • what is learned at the 2nd level of qigong.
Answers on questions.

In our school, the first lesson is always open and free for everyone to get acquainted with qigong and the curriculum. We can say that in the first lesson, the participants test the instructor for the availability of the presentation of the material and a comfortable environment. If everything is clear and understandable, if there is a feeling of "I am at home" - this seminar and the instructor will definitely suit you. Otherwise, in the first lesson, you will learn “What is Qigong” and get acquainted with some concepts and practical exercises that may come in handy in the future.

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1. Make payment from 50 euros. All payments from participants will go on the construction of the Biguan Centre.
2. After payment, a link to the group of program participants in Telegram will be sent to the mail you specified, in which the program materials, links to broadcasts will be posted and questions will be answered.

Classes will be held online in Zoom and Youtube, and there will be records of all classes.

If live training is more suitable for you, find an instructor on the website:

We really want qigong learning to be accessible to everyone who needs this knowledge and skills, so we leave the minimum basic cost of training.
We remind you that all funds from programs and seminars go to the construction of the Biguan Center.
If you have the opportunity to pay a large amount for participation, you will provide irreplaceable support to the charitable project for the construction of the Biguan International Cultural Center.

We are waiting for beginners, curious people and professional seekers of truth on our online sites.

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