Shaolin Retreat 2023. Registration and Schedule.


2023 Shaolin Retreat Schedule
since 1997

Advanced Group this year
From August 5 Saturday to August 27 Sunday for 23 days

Organizer: International MINGTANG Foundation
Executive organizer: Beijing Medical Research Kundawell Institute


Schedule:(it can be changed according to the real situation)

: From August 5 to August 27, 2023 (for 23 days)

Cost: 20,300 Yuan

We want to put your attention to the fact that the cost of the retreat does not consist of separate parts. This is the cost of participation in the retreat. Dates and accommodation in hotels, meals, travel dates and train tickets - are provided only as prescribed in the conditions. If you do not need any of these services, this does not affect the cost of participation in the retreat. Compensation and deductions are not provided. Also, if you want something above these conditions or changing the default conditions (other hotel rooms, dates of moving to/from Shaolin different from those specified in the conditions) - this is done by you at your own expense.

Detailed Program Schedule

5 August: Arrival to Beijing

Arrival to Beijing, registration of participants. Check-in time is noon. Retreat participants should arrange their own transport from the airport to the hotel (detailed information regarding Beijing taxi service, hotel info and other useful information will be sent to your email later after registration).

Meeting at the airport will be organized only for large groups of participants arriving at about the same time. We will notify you via email about which flights the bus will be organized.

Under the terms of the retreat, you are given the opportunity to stay in Beijing at a hotel without a surcharge for 3 days, in a double room (for single stays, the surcharge needed, info will be provided later). By default these dates:

05.08 - 06.08
25.08 - 26.08
26.08 - 27.08

If you arrive on 05/08/2023, early in the morning and do not want to wait until noon 12:00 to check into your room, you can choose the option of booking a room a day earlier: 04/08 - 05/08.

At the same time, keep in mind that if it is beyond these 3 days, you will need to pay extra for it yourself (info will be provided later).

Please, taking into account these conditions, select in your application exactly, the days that we will reserve for you. Only the following dates are possible:

Before go to Shaolin:
03.08 - 04.08
04.08 - 05.08
05.08 - 06.08

After back to Beijing:
25.08 - 26.08
26.08 - 27.08
27.08 - 28.08
28.08 - 29.08
29.08 - 30.08

Hotel in Beijing rooms available:

Detailed information will be provided later.

Double room 2 persons included in the retreat price (3 days)
Single room 1 person For additional payment (info will be provided later)

6 August: Travel to Shaolin

The main group travels by train (comfortable high-speed train; it takes about 3 hours). To purchase train tickets for you, we will need a scan of your passport (Please download the passport scan file in the registration form. Registration link below.). Upon arrival, immediately submit the original of the passport to the organizers, at the Institute Kundawell, no later than August 5 at 16.00. Tickets are issued only at the station with a passport, so we will receive your tickets on August 5. Check out from the hotel to the station on August 6 early morning (PLEASE DO NOT BUY TICKETS TO BEIJING WITH ARRIVAL TIME AT 6 AUGUST MORNING. YOU WILL MISS THE TRAIN). Arrive at Shaolin around 5pm. Dinner in Shaolin at 18.00.

ATTENTION: If you have more than one passport, kindly request: download at registration only a scan of that passport, with which you will fly to China! This same passport in Beijing, please pass us on arrival at the Institute Kundawell to get train tickets. Be careful not to confuse passports so as not to be left without a ticket.

Hotel in Shaolin:
Details will be provided later.

7 August – 24 August: Intensive training.
Classes will start on August 7, at 2 PM after lunch.
Retreat ends on August 24, at 6 PM.

25 August:
Check out time from the hotel is at 6.00 a.m. We will have a bus-ride to Zhengzhou train station; the entire group travels to Beijing by train. Arrival to the hotel is planned around 2 p.m.

After arrival - Free Day in Beijing and Banquet in the evening at 7:30 p.m. we will have a banquet/party to honor the completion of the retreat, including dinner at Kundawell.

26 August: Free day in Beijing.

27 August: Check out from hotel by noon.


For registration please email us:


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