Beijing Kundawell Medical Institute invites personal students and their family members to participate in our wellness program

Wellness program will be held from 5 to 25 October 2015.

The aim of the program is to improve the quality of life of the participants and research the causes and methods of curing various diseases. We invite people with any type of diseases.

List of issues that are most effectively solved by the methods of Medicine Image:
• chronic bronchitis, asthma
• chronic inflammation of the prostate gland
• chronic inflammation of the kidneys
• intervertebral hernia in different parts of the vertebral column
• short-term cessation of breathing during sleep
• impotence
• inflammation of reproductive organs
• uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts
• male and female infertility
• chronic diseases of the stomach and intestines
• Crohn's disease
• a variety of eye diseases
• high blood pressure
• change of the state of cardiac muscle after a heart attack
• atherosclerosis
• coronary heart disease
• insufficient blood supply to the brain
• arrhythmia and bradycardia
• hearing loss
• muscular dystrophy
• hepatitis
• a variety of diseases of the nervous system

We recommend this program to you if the doctors have difficulties to diagnose your disease, if you feel pain and changes in your body, but cannot find the reason of it, and also if traditional kinds of treatment do not work for you, or there is no effective treatment for the disease you have in western medicine.

Wellness program includes diagnosis and treatment methods of Image Medicine and Traditional Chinese medicine under the supervision of Professor Xu Mingtang and with the participation of leading specialists of Kundawell Institute.

We invite personal students and their families, who practice Zhong Yuan Qigong and suffer from various diseases, regardless of age.

Length of program: 3 weeks.

The program offers:
• Sessions of diagnosis with professor of Image Medicine.
• Course of treatments, conducted by Image Medicine experts (19 days).
• Sessions with TCM specialists: pulse diagnosis sessions and sessions with specialists appointed according to individual indications: Chinese Tuina massage / acupuncture / cans / gouache / moxibustion.
• Morning exercises.
• Evening meditation and Zhong Yuan Qigong practice.
• Lectures and practical classes with recommendations on diet, lifestyle and methods of self-regulation.
• Excursions to Beijing most famous historical and cultural attractions.

Health care program fee: 21,000 yuan.

The price of the program includes: diagnosis and treatment, payment for the drugs prescribed during the program, 3 meals a day, transportation, entertainment on weekends.

Living expenses: Double room in Beijing (at Kundawell Institute) - 250 yuan per day. If there are rooms available, you can stay in single room (500 yuan per day).

Kangming hotel 400 yuan per night for a room.You can stay in the room with another participant of our program and split the fee.

Option: accommodation in "Botai" hotel (5 minutes walk from Kundawell) 160 yuan per night for a room. You can stay in the room with another participant of our program and split the fee.

You can also choose any other hotel to stay in Beijing.

Flight tickets, visa and accommodation, fees for the supplements prescribed after the program are paid by the participants of the wellness program by themselves and are not included into the cost of the wellness program.

Benefits of the program:
1. The rational use of time of the participants.
2. Providing a full package of services: diagnosis, effective wellness treatments, specialized training sessions (lectures, exercises, meditation), meals, entertainment and cultural program in Beijing.
3. The cost of welness program is 3-4 times lower compared with the personal research program at Kundawell Institute.

Registration of participants:
Number of participants is limited.

For more information, please use e-mail or call us (Beijing, China):
0086-18618483448 Anna
0086-13522425750 Svetlana

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